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Acidity & Cancer – The Budwig Solution

When a baby is born, it has the highest alkaline mineral concentration, which is why serious chronic illnesses rarely occur when we are young.  As we age, due to our improper food choices, increased stress, and unhealthy lifestyle, the body is continuously put in a pH acidic state, bringing on a host of chronic diseases.  Cancer and many illnesses flourish in an acidic environment. Therefore our goal is to reduce acidity.

The human body, in its wisdom, has a natural mechanism that keeps it at a healthy 7.4 pH state.  However, when we drink a cup of coffee that has a 4.0 pH or a soft (fizzy) drink with 2.0 pH or a beer, which is between 2.5-4.2 pH, as well as highly processed foods, the body must work to restore the healthy 7.4 pH.  Therefore, regular consumption of these types of acidic “foods” throughout the day, continually keeps our bodies operating with more acidity, where cancer and other serious illnesses begin to develop and then later thrive.

Cancer & Acidity – Re-Alkalize The Body

When cancer patients come to our natural alternative clinic, one of the first things we focus on is dietary changes.  Highly acidic foods are eliminated.  However, when a person has cancer, the body is often “stuck” in an acidic state and help is needed to bring it to a healthy pH level.  Therefore, the Budwig Center uses several natural remedies, foods, and therapies to assist the body in this rebalance.

Here are six things we do to help reduce acidity:

1) Dextrorotatory lactic acid

Dextrorotatory lactic acid helps re-alkalize the body. Budwig Center uses different homeopathic formulas rich in dextrorotatory lactic acid, such as Pleo-Sanuvis Drops.

Dextrorotatory lactic acid helps reverse cancer by:

  • Normalizing the cell’s pH to healthy levels.
  • Stimulating adrenaline production, preventing a buildup of glucose in cells (viral-bacterial-yeast-like fungus feed on and ferment glucose, breaking the cell’s Krebs (oxygen) cycle, causing cells to mutate into cancer cells).
  • Neutralizing toxins, thus removing the stimulus for an increase in the tumor cell division rate.
  • Providing powerful anti-microbial and anti-viral properties. (Lactoferrin and lactoferricin in whey inhibit bacteria, yeast, fungi, and parasitic protozoa).

2) Flaxseed Oil and Quark (Cottage Cheese)

Flaxseed Oil and Quark (Cottage Cheese) is very rich in dextrorotatory lactic acid, which is also found in large quantities in whey, the milky by-product of cottage cheese, which happens to be one of the two main ingredients of Dr. Johanna Budwig’s mixture of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese (quark). We have our cancer patients consume this twice a day. The Budwig mix, among other health benefits, increases the oxygenation of the cells, encouraging an alkaline environment. Alkaline tissue holds 20 times more oxygen than does acidic tissue.

3) Reduce Acidity with The Budwig Diet

The Budwig Diet assists the body to achieve the 7.4 pH level. Dr. Budwig encouraged a healthy vegetarian type diet which excluded highly acidic foods such as refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, store-bought pastries, corn syrup, peanuts, commercial ice cream, animal protein, fish, coffee, soda drinks, and beer. Instead, she had her patients enjoying organic fruits, steamed vegetables, smoothies, nuts, and her famous flaxseed oil and cottage cheese (quark) mix, etc. All our patients receive a Budwig Guide complete with delicious recipes and nutritional instructions.

4) MSM/Stevia

A specific MSM/Stevia mixture is added to cancer patients drinking water to really make an impact at slowing down the progression of cancer by “pushing” the body into a pH 7.4 level. We recommend a 13-day high alkaline/detox program using the MSM/Stevia mixture.

5) Frequency Generator

The Frequency Generator Device is very effective in sending selected frequencies to the cancer patient to restore their proper pH levels and much more. Everything in the universe has a distinct frequency.  Even the organs of the human body operate at different frequencies. To give a few examples: Our blood – E 321.9 Hz, adrenals & thyroid – B 492.8 Hz, kidneys – Eb 319.88 Hz, liver – Eb 317.83 Hz, intestines – C# 281 Hz, lungs – A 220 Hz, and bones – Ab 418.3 Hz.  The Frequency Generator helps restore the correct frequency and pH levels of the patient.

6) Emotional Rebalancing and Acidity

Emotional Rebalancing is also vital in achieving a healthy pH level. Even with a pH alkaline choice of foods and homeopathic formulas, we have found at the Budwig Center that if a cancer patient does not resolve negative emotional issues, such as anger, resentment, and grief the body will operate a large part of the day in a pH acidic state, thus favoring the grown of cancer cells. In addition, many diagnosed with cancer have significantly elevated stress hormone cortisol levels. Prolonged stress depletes the all-important adrenaline reserves within the body, leading to cell mutation and cancer.

At the Budwig Center, we use the following methods to help restore peace, emotional harmony, and reduce stress in our patients:

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  • Bach Flowers
  • EVOX – This therapy allows you to reframe the perceptions you’ve inherited or acquired over the years resulting in an emotional release from the consequences of stored stress and trauma. Users of EVOX have reported positive improvements in their life, including personal health, interpersonal relationships, and personal fulfillment.
  • Our trained therapists use kinesiology to detect harmful emotional toxicity in the body and bring about emotional balancing.

To find out more about acidity and cancer as well as how the Budwig protocol effectively treats all types of cancer, download the budwig guide.

To read some success stories of people who have recovered their health from all types of cancer, click here.

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