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Can I Drink Alcohol While on The Budwig Diet?

To get you started, watch this video for more information about consuming alcohol while following the Budwig Diet, and then keep reading:

Is It Advisable To Drink Alcohol While Following The Budwig Diet?

For patients with brain cancer and those very low on energy, Dr. Johanna Budwig recommended 2 to 3 glasses of champagne. Why? Champagne and sparkling wine exert a positive influence on the intestinal environment. The ethanol content is a great supplier of energy which is rapidly absorbed by the body. But unlike glucose, cannot be used by cancer cells. Thus, Ethanol is an optimal energy source for weak cancer patients without feeding their tumor. Additionally, Ethanol stimulates the appetite, which typically is a problem with advanced cancer patients.

Can I Consume Alcohol If I Have Liver Cancer?

Even patients with liver cancer can drink very moderate amounts of champagne. Alternatively, they could opt for papaya juice instead.

Dr. Budwig says in her 1977 book “Der Tod des Tumors” (The Death of the Tumor), p. 167:
“In liver and gallbladder disease, we first only gave (ground) flaxseeds, i.e., Linomel for several days besides the regular diet. Only after a few days did we begin with the actual Oil/Protein Diet, for instance with 1 tablespoon quark (cottage cheese) mixed with 1 teaspoon flaxseed oil. We then gradually increased (it) depending on the severity of the case and on tolerance. The quick and beneficial effect of the Oil/Protein Diet is especially evident in such sick people.”
Dosage: midmorning and again midafternoon add 1 or 2 tablespoons of freshly ground flaxseeds into a glass (125ml) of French champagne or Spanish CAVA [use “Brut Natural” otherwise you will be getting champagne that has added sugar and chemicals].

Optional: You can add a ½ teaspoon of raw honey. Be sure to purchase a champagne stopper to close the bottle each time, so that you prevent bubbles from escaping. It’s the bubbles that bring the benefits of the ground flaxseeds to the brain.

Note: You could replace the champagne with fresh papaya juice and ground flaxseeds.

Dr. Budwig also allowed a glass of red wine in the evening for overcoming sleeplessness and for relieving pain. She writes in her book “Fettsyndrom” on page 150 regarding the overcoming of pain and insomnia:
“Often, a glass of wine is more valuable and biologically more beneficial than the pill.”
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