What Are The Benefits of Essential Oils?

To get you started, discover the benefits of essential oils by watching the following video and then keep reading:

Are Essential Oils Approved on The Budwig Protocol?

Yes, absolutely. the benefits of essential oils are many. They are an integral part of the remedies included on the Budwig Protocol. Many studies show that frankincense, myrrh, Magnolia, Artemisia, are beneficial for treating several types of cancer. Brain, breast, colon, pancreatic, prostate cancer, to mention just a few.

Myrrh essential oil, for example, was able to reduce the replication of human cancer cells in a lab study.

Likewise, in another study published in the Medical Cancer journal in 2012, Magnolia reduced tumors in lung cancers by up to 41% and liver cancer by up to 80%.

Furthermore, scientists at the West China medical school found that the Magnolia oil was able to cross the blood-brain barrier and also inhibit the growth of fresh new brain tumors. So, this is very good the people who are dealing with brain cancer.

Similarly, another study showed that Artemisia has many excellent anti-cancer abilities. The PSA of a prostate cancer patient was around 800. In 14 days after using Artemisia essential oil, his PSA dropped down to normal levels. Several studies also showed that it helps with colorectal cancer, liver cancer, renal cell carcinoma, gastric cancer, brain cancers, as already mentioned and in many more.

Essential Oils and The Budwig Center

To know precisely which essential oil would be best suited for you, the Budwig Center offers the VEGA scanning system that can detect which one would give you the best results.

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