Can I Use Olive Oil While Following The Budwig Diet?

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Dr. Budwig’s Findings

As we all know, olive oil has incredible health benefits.However, Dr. Budwig wrote a cookbook called “Krebs, ein Fettproblem” (“Cancer, A Fats Problem”). She recommended the following:

“For oils we mostly use flax oil, sunflower oil, walnut oil, soy oil, and corn oil.”

She often refers to natural cold-pressed and unprocessed oils. In her book, “Cancer – The Problem and the Solution,” she says:

“the fatty acid found in olive oil is not considered essential.”

Furthermore, she also mentions that “natural, unprocessed olive oil is valuable.When traveling in the south [of Europe], I’d prefer olive oil over the numerousartificial products of ‘modern hotel cuisine.’”

In her Oil-Protein Cookbook, she states:

”This ‘oil-protein diet’ cookbook represents the strict form of this diet, limited to the optimum foods. This cookbook helps the ill person and those who wish to assist them.”

Our Recommendations

Therefore, this delicious and oil is not harmful, quite the contrary. However, inharmony with Dr. Budwigs findings, it’s best to favor cold pressed sunflower and walnut if you have cancer. And of course, we recommend flaxseed oil, which is a key ingredient to the Budwig Mix.

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  1. S. Aimson

    I lived in Italy many years ago. It was in a small village near Ferrara. People ate organic home grown produce. Consumed olive oil in abundance. Lived to a good age. I never saw one case of cancer. In the 10 years l lived there. They hardly visited a Doctor. Only cases of liver problems arose with people who indulged in drinking a little too much red wine.

    • Kathy Jenkins

      Yes Sheila, time to get back to the basics of eating whole foods, in their natural state and fresh. Many changes in society through technology and globalization have actually harmed our health.


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