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Cancer Clinic Video – How Do The Therapies Offered at the Budwig Center Work?

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At our cancer clinic, we appreciate that even the Budwig diet, which is easy to follow and explained in detail in the FREE Budwig Guide, needs to be personalized to be as effective as possible. With our Vega test and GSR scan, we can tell you what food intolerances you may have and make specific food recommendations. 

Adjusting to The Budwig Diet

People from all over the world are trying to follow this diet. Very often making the change in one’s routine and habits raises a lot of questions such as: 

  • Where do I find the right ingredients?
  • What healthy snack options are there?
  • How can I adapt to this new way of eating?

We help patients with the theoretical part of understanding the benefits of this diet so that they are motivated to continue upon returning home. There is also often a need for clarifying contradictive information online. Additionally, we have demonstrations in the Budwig kitchen so that our patients can see how simple it is to prepare food following the Budwig diet guidelines.

Therapies and Remedies at the Budwig Center Cancer Clinic

Many of the therapies and remedies we offer can have more than one function. For example, full-body hyperthermia helps the lymph system detox while boosting the immune system.

Detoxing is of great importance, so we guide each patient according to their capacity, whether they need colonic irrigation or need to do enemas. 

Emotional therapies are also extremely beneficial and very appreciated by most of our patients.

Par biomagnetic sessions help to balance the pH and release trapped emotions. Anything we are bottling up over time is taking its toll on our organs. In turn, our organs cannot use their energy to function correctly.

To learn more about the therapies available at the Budwig Center clinic CLICK HERE>>>

Download the FREE Budwig Guide

This Guide is packed with all the information you need to understand the Budwig protocol and start incorporating the Budwig Diet into your daily meal plans. Additionally, the information in this Guide is not just for cancer patients. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to eat well and generally live a healthy and vibrant life.  

You can download the Guide here.

Read Testimonials About The Budwig Program

It’s easy for us to say we have helped many people with our programs, but we prefer our patients to speak for themselves. Head to our Testimonials Page. Here you will find some heartfelt stories from individuals from all over the world who have benefited from the Budwig Program. Then, visit the Budwig Youtube Channel to watch some encouraging first-hand accounts from our patients and their caregivers. 

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We understand that the journey to recovery is daunting and overwhelming. So we make ourselves available to answer your questions and give you the direction you may need. 

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