Our Therapies

Our natural therapies are our approach to cancer treatment and tumors as well as other diseases, all of which use the original Budwig protocol.

All of these natural therapies are included in our two-week and three-week packages.

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Full Body Hyperthermia

This therapy combines the therapeutic benefits of a traditional sauna with those of a Bio Infrared Platinum Photon which activates the water molecules of our entire body. Only your head is outside of the hyperthermia unit. It is a non-invasive, safe and holistic treatment that has no side-effects when administered correctly and to patients that are in a condition to receive it.

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Homeopathy consists in providing very small dosages of a natural substance in a very diluted formula. If high dosages of said substance were administered, the body would react with a similar symptom to that caused by the illness.

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Colonic Irrigation
Colonic irrigation, also known as Colonic Hydrotherapy, is a safe and effective method of cleansing the colon by repeated gentle flushing with warm filtered water under very low pressure, using specialized massage techniques on the tummy area to stimulate release.

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Bioenergetic Restoration

This therapy is based on the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As in acupuncture, the body has sensitive points that can be stimulated to obtain certain results such as, improve the balance of the person both psychologically, emotionally, and physically, thus improving the condition of the body.

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The technique of reflexology consists in stimulating and manipulating points and areas of both feet using one’s hands and fingers to promote relaxation and activate the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

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Med Matrix Detox
The Med Matrix is a wellness device that was developed especially to detoxify and regenerate soft connective tissue, known as matrix or mesenchyme. The effect of the matrix regeneration therapy is threefold: connective tissue is freed from toxins and metabolic stress, cell structures damaged by chronic infection are repaired, and cells in the connective tissue and immune system are re-mobilized in their function and activity.

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Local Hyperthermia
Hyperthermia (also called thermal therapy or thermotherapy) is a type of cancer treatment in which body’s tendons and organs are exposed to high temperatures (up to 113°F or 43º C) to causes apoptosis (natural death) of the cancer cells.

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Lymph and Kidney Detox Foot Bath
Since detoxing is an important part of the clinical program, we use a foot detox system with ionic propulsion technology.

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Par Biomagnetism Therapy
This therapy consists in a trained therapist strategically placing magnets with the correct potency (1000 gauss strength) on the body of a patient to change the pH of the organs treated. When the pH of said organ is neutral, this makes it inhabitable for cancer cells as well as other microorganisms.

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Vega Test / GSR Scan
In seeking treatment for any illness, we feel that a personalized approach is essential. What factors have contributed or are currently contributing to the disease? Which organs or systems are stressed and need treatment or support? What type of treatment would be most effective in a particular case? Questions like these need to be answered for the treatment to have the desired result.

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The purpose of psychotherapy is to address emotional and mental patterns that cause us pain and can thus be considered part of an illness and even disorders. This is done without medicine or drugs but rather using psychological means.

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Photodynamic Laser Therapy
Photodynamic laser therapy involves injecting a photosensitizer intravenously which will react to color and light.
The purpose of the different colors is to:

  • (BLUE) stimulate your immune system, regulate glucose levels, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.
  • (GREEN) regulate the cellular metabolism of ATP, better absorption of hemoglobin responsible for oxygen transportation
  • (RED) Stimulate leucocytes, support Central Nervous system, Activate ATP of cellular metabolism, regenerate mitochondria and eliminate cancer cells.

The equipment used is a German device called: Weber. The photosensitizer takes approximately 20 minutes to administer. Each subsequent color also takes 20 minutes each. The color is not a dye but rather a laser light, which makes this treatment very efficient and safe.

This treatment is especially recommended in cases of cancer affecting the skin, the lymph and leukemia. A medical consultation is required to determine how to administer the treatment in each patient’s case.

Additional Treatments and Therapies

Blood Analysis – if the doctor needs to see values not included in your medical history

RGCC Blood tests (**)

Ultrasound (**)

E.F.T. “Emotional Freedom Technique “Tapping” Therapy

Infrared saunas – each guest room is equipped with a sauna

Jade Thermo Spinal Realignment Therapy

Allergy and Intolerance Testing and Treatment

Bio Catalytic Therapy – pine needle extract inhalation

Enema Therapy – coffee or green tea enemas every day for 3 weeks

Enzyme Therapies – pancreatic cancer and ascites support

Water Structuring Therapy – enhances the bio availability of water

Fitness Programs (i.e. Rebounder, Chi Machine) – one in every guest room

Neural Therapy –  for pain and nerve regeneration after surgery

Phytotherapy – maintain optimal health through natural and herbal supplementation

Nutrition Therapy – Budwig Kitchen – we provide lunches following the Budwig food plan using organic ingredients for patients to enjoy and learn as a group

Transfer Factors Immune Enhancement Therapy – can be added to Budwig Muesli (**)

Aerosol treatment – homeopathic formulas to regenerate mucous membrane

Viral Therapies – as in essential oils, herbal and homeopathic formulas

Essential oils (frankincense, myrrh, magnolia, artemisia)

Mushroom extracts – (AHCC, reishi, maitake) – boost the immune system and regenerates nerve sensibility

Glutathione and homeopathic formulas IV’s (intravenous)

Acupuncture (**)

Intravenous Oxygen Therapy (*) (**)

Ozone Therapy (*) (**)

Vitamin C IV (high-dose, non-corn) (*) (**)

(*) Ozone, Sodium Bicarbonate IV and Vitamin C IV therapies can be used on patients that do not consume flaxseed oil and cottage cheese during their stay at our clinic.

(**) These incur additional fees.

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