Welcome to our testimonials page. Take some time to read through stories and accounts of others who have found answers in natural alternatives to cancer treatment at the Budwig Center, and see the results it has had in their case.

Start of The Journey

I have just returned from spending two weeks at the Budwig Center. I have stage four esophageal cancer which has spread to the nodes and liver. It is too early to inform of progress (i will do as and when appropriate) but the early signs have been encouraging and Robin informed me on my leaving… Read More “Start of The Journey”

David Taylor
Esophageal Cancer

Positive Experience

I had my right kidney removed in 2009, then in 2013 I had to have some of the remaining kidney removed. I decided at that point there must be another way of dealing with this cancer and so started to do research in alternative methods. It opened a whole new world to me. Therefore, for… Read More “Positive Experience”

Susan Tarrant
Kidney Cancer

PSA results

Dear Budwig Center team, After following your recommendations, Budwig diet and HIFU procedure, my PSA came down to 0.9 from 6.7. I’m continuing with the Budwig Diet. The only question I have is how long should I take Muesli(Flaxseed oil with cottage cheese). I used to take it 2 times a day. Now I’m taking… Read More “PSA results”

Sam Stolyar
Prostate Cancer

“I’m so grateful for the Budwig Center”

I’m so grateful for the Budwig Center. Early 2015 I was re-diagnosed with cancer that went into the nodes. I made my way to the cancer center and received chemotherapy and radiation treatment. It wasn’t until the end of that process that I found out about the Budwig Center (through Ty Bollinger’s documentary series). I… Read More ““I’m so grateful for the Budwig Center””

Celesta T

Rectal Cancer, Diabetes, Cholesterol, High blood pressure and Triple Bypass in March 2007

Manuel started on the Budwig program in March 2018 Email: Fri, Dec 14, 11:01 PM Thank Jehovah, my brother I’m feeling much better. Following your protocol and eating healthier I’m feeling stronger, gaining weight and spending as much time as possible out in my ministry work. Truly looking forward to the time when Revelation 21:4… Read More “Rectal Cancer, Diabetes, Cholesterol, High blood pressure and Triple Bypass in March 2007”

Rectal Cancer

“Your Help Has Been Invaluable So Far”

Dear Dr. Jenkins Thank you for all your help. The months before and after chemo using your approach and supplements have helped it be successful so far. One pet scan was completely clean from cancer… The blood test shows no residual cancer, but the last pet scan shows one spot (3.2 suv) of concern where… Read More ““Your Help Has Been Invaluable So Far””

Debbie Curtis

Stage 4 GBM, Diagnosed on 12 Aug 2016 Now Stable

I’m pleased to say that my father, Yashpal Singh Raghuwanshi, recently went through the MRI scan and his brain tumor has become stable. Even the surgeon was surprised to see the results, he said that this is the first case in all his career in which patient had survived GBM stage 4 beyond two years… Read More “Stage 4 GBM, Diagnosed on 12 Aug 2016 Now Stable”

Siddhant Raghuwanshi
Tumor Reduced

A delicious breakfast

I suggest the Budwig approach to everyone I know as an absolutely delicious breakfast. I mention Budwig only in passing, but instead indicate how good it tastes and how healthy it is for you. I have made a number of converts. Among these was a psychologist who lived in my apartment building and who had… Read More “A delicious breakfast”

Martin Schwartz
Bone Cancer

My Week at The Budwig Center

My week at the Budwig Centre was a most valuable and fascinating week. From the first day to the last the treatment plan was quite action packed in that there was very little lag time between the different treatments and in my case I was kept very busy which I really loved. The treatment is… Read More “My Week at The Budwig Center”

David Seitz
Kidney Disease

My Experience With Stomach Cancer

I was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach in 2005 and my stomach was removed. I received chemo and radiation over a 5 month period after that. 2 years later there where signs that cancer had returned on my small intestines and was told that that type of cancer would not respond to chemo or… Read More “My Experience With Stomach Cancer”

Telse Tanda
Stomach Cancer

Craig Ellingworth, Colon Cancer

Craig is a 45 year old man who lives in the UK. In 2014 he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer stage 3. He had some chemotherapy and then decided to go down the natural road. Craig came to the Budwig Center in August 2014 and received all our treatments. In May 2015 he was told… Read More “Craig Ellingworth, Colon Cancer”

Craig Ellingworth
Colon Cancer

What a Life Changing Experience!

Back in 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer that found a tangerine sized tumor in my left frontal lobe. Living in the United States, I was not overly concerned with the types of foods that I put into my body and so I ate many things that were harmful to me such… Read More “What a Life Changing Experience!”

Peter Slivkoff
Brain Cancer

Jerry Tindel’s wife, Breast Cancer

I receive your newsletter. Thank you. 7 years ago, my wife, Nancy, had breast cancer. The day she was diagnosed, I searched the web and discovered the Budwig Protocol. She started it immediately. She had a lumpectomy and one week of radiation. She is still on the protocol. Every year when her cancer doctors test… Read More “Jerry Tindel’s wife, Breast Cancer”

Jerry Tindel
Breast Cancer

Lung Cancer & Metastasis in Skeleton & Brain

Hi Lloyd, Surely you can use my comments. It’s the first time after 6months that I have received good news. I was very weak in June and CT results were very poor, just MR of the head/brain was good. No more new tumors and the two bigger ones were reducing. CT was showing the progressive… Read More “Lung Cancer & Metastasis in Skeleton & Brain”

Bliuma K Johnsen
Lung Cancer, Metastasis

Breast Cancer Stage IV / Metastasis

It’s with tears in my eyes, that I write this testimonial, but happy tears. In February 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage IV and bones metastasis. I’m a holist health counselor and I have been publishing in my blog about the Budwig clinic a couple of years before my diagnoses. I didn’t think… Read More “Breast Cancer Stage IV / Metastasis”

Bone Cancer, Bone Degeneration, Breast Cancer

Stomach cancer, Agora Poros

Dear Mr. Jenkins, I am writing this testimony in behalf of those people who need a confirmation, that even the night is dark and threatening, there is a tomorrow with realistic hope in the future. After all the relevant stomach cancer testing, I am cancer free again. Following my positive biopsy results in 04/2015, I… Read More “Stomach cancer, Agora Poros”

Stomach Cancer

Ovarian cancer, LaVerne Marshall

After extensive abdominal surgery for ovarian cancer, I started six rounds of chemotherapy. At the time of my surgery, my CA-125, the blood test for my ovarian cancer, was 187. After surgery and during chemotherapy this number dropped to 4.9 which my doctor called “crazy good.” My CT scans showed no tumors. Three months after… Read More “Ovarian cancer, LaVerne Marshall”

LaVerne Marshall
Ovarian Cancer

Tumor Reduced, Roger Wonderly

I have been using Flax seed and cottage cheese for over a year now and have had great success…. In the time that I have been using the flax seed and cottage cheese I have greatly improved my diet and continue to move closer to the Budwig Diet in full. I stopped refined sugars more… Read More “Tumor Reduced, Roger Wonderly”

Roger Wonderly
Tumor Reduced

Breast cancer, Ingrid Werner

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer Nov. 2013 at Englewood Hospital in NJ and they wanted to do the works on me, Cut, poison (Chemo), and burn (Radiation). I knew there was another way and asked the surgeon what she knew about nutrition and she admitted that they were never trained in Medical School.… Read More “Breast cancer, Ingrid Werner”

Ingrid Werner
Breast Cancer

Ingrid Werner, Breast Cancer

Thank you Dr. Jenkins. My life was saved with the Budwig Protocol when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 11/2013 and even today I think of Dr. Budwig when I eat my Muesli every morning. I am now cancer-free for more than 1 year but still enjoy the organic cottage cheese, Flax Oil and… Read More “Ingrid Werner, Breast Cancer”

Ingrid Werner
Breast Cancer

Lung Cancer – Iran

Dear Lloyd.Jenkins , Passed 8th month of her recovery from her cancer, and her body at now is clear, we are very very thankful for your helping and your recommendation, after her recovery from 8 month ago until now she using all of medicine that you recommended such as Vitamin B15 , AHCC , and… Read More “Lung Cancer – Iran”

Amirbahador Sadafian
Lung Cancer

Endre Kvia, Lymphoma

Hi Lloyd, Just a little update from me: I have moved to Australia with my family and we are enjoying a new start to life after a turbulent time last year. Since October the cancer in my lymph nodes (left axilla) have all shrunk and almost disappeared. I have one main one that used to… Read More “Endre Kvia, Lymphoma”

Endre Kvia

Breast Cancer, Sandra Alvim

Thanks Lloyd!!! I just had a call from my doctor after a blood test and he said there’s only one cancer cell in my blood and the CA is 2.7 and he told me I should cancel the radiation for now and in two months do a MRI, Petscan and blood test again. I haven’t… Read More “Breast Cancer, Sandra Alvim”

Sandra Alvim
Breast Cancer

Philip, Lung Cancer

In early 1974, Mr. Bonfigho, a heavy smoker, developed a persistent upper respiratory infection and cough. He consulted his family doctor, who prescribed a course of antibiotic therapy. Despite the treatment, the symptoms only worsened, and in March Mr. Bonfigho returned to his physician. At that time a chest X-ray revealed a 3 centimeter (cm).… Read More “Philip, Lung Cancer”

Philip Bonfigho
Lung Cancer

Charles Upshur, Wife with Lung Cancer

Wife healed of lung cancer, when given a year to live 12 yrs. ago. Still healed by your diet, and prayer. I want your diet guide for someone else.

Charles Upshur
Lung Cancer

Gail Wincey, Dermatomyositis

I have been diagnosed with dermatomyositis, which basically means skin and muscles soreness and inflammation. Also, I had not slept a night through without pills in over 2 years before my sisters got me started on the Flax oil, cottage cheese, and flax seeds. The most noticeable change for me was sleeping. After 3 weeks,… Read More “Gail Wincey, Dermatomyositis”

Gail Wincey

Sandy Brooks, Colon Cancer

A year ago, I began the cottage cheese and flaxseed oil protocol (& more) for colo-rectal SCC and today, Dr’s are baffled that I don’t seem to have cancer at this time.

Sandy Brooks
Colon Cancer

Dalis Jurado, Breast Cancer

Dear Mr. Jenkins, I will like to share this great news… I had my cat, lab and mamography tests and thank to god, my family and especially to you. I am doing very well, no more breast cancer, I feel great and I am very happy to know that the breast cancer is no longer… Read More “Dalis Jurado, Breast Cancer”

Dalis Jurado
Breast Cancer

Inderpreet, Infertility

Dear Mr Jenkins of the Budwig Center My fight towards infertility is going very well. Especially that baking soda and lemon is helping me tremendously. I’m putting good weight. I try me best to ape the recipes given are great tasting. I’m very thankful to Budwig for giving me get my health back. Thanks a… Read More “Inderpreet, Infertility”


Heidi Rock, Breast Cancer

Heidi Rock, Breast Cancer Name: Heidi Rock Dear Dr. Lloyd I wanted to drop you a quick email as I have returned from my 1 weeks treatment and have been following the distance programme for sometime and before enrolling in that we used the essential oil package and followed the guidance available on your website.… Read More “Heidi Rock, Breast Cancer”

Heidi Rock
Breast Cancer

Rosemary Hobson, Breast and Lymph Cancer

Dear Mr. Jenkins, ITS GREAT NEWS FOR ME. I AM DELIGHTED. I will of course, continue to follow the Budwig protocol and take all the medicaments that you have sent etc. You may share my good news with others. I play the Healing Tones music a lot, and also have a great Faith and believe… Read More “Rosemary Hobson, Breast and Lymph Cancer”

Rosemary Hobson
Breast Cancer

Wallace Dickson, Prostate Cancer

Dear Mr. Jenkins, Thanks for your inquiry and expression of care and concern. As for how I am doing, well, it’s very difficult for me to measure what’s going on with my body or how effective my self doctoring has been in battling cancer. I only know that the Budwig protocol “disappeared” my partner’s 10… Read More “Wallace Dickson, Prostate Cancer”

Wallace Dickson
Prostate Cancer

Gehan Kerara, Breast Cancer

Dear Lloyd When I came to the Budwig Center back in January 2015 two months after my delivery, the Vega test shows I have still level 4 breast cancerous cells. This is post my redial mastectomy surgery back in July 2014. After following the Budwig program, the Vega test I did it personally with Robin… Read More “Gehan Kerara, Breast Cancer”

Gehan Kerara
Breast Cancer

George Hall, Bladder Cancer

After a cystoscopy confirmed I had non-invasive bladder cancer, surgery was performed the next day to remove it and I was treated with 6 weeks of BCG to kill the remaining cancer which is undetectable by the human eye using a cystoscope. My interaction with fellow patients and some discussions with the doctor’s assistants convinced… Read More “George Hall, Bladder Cancer”

George Hall
Bladder Cancer

Anne Maziar Ph.D

I survived stage 4 breast cancer in 1989 using principles of the Budwig diet. I was living 10 or 15 miles from the worst nuclear meltdown in US history, in Simi Valley, in 1959. It was 240 times worse than Three Mile Island. I was also living in Boulder, Colo., when Rocky Flats plutonium pit… Read More “Anne Maziar Ph.D”

Anne Lt Maziar
Breast Cancer

Maria Socorro, Lung Cancer

Hello Doctor Jenkins, Thank you very much for your good news regarding my wife Maria. FYI, the latest CT scan done last May 2015 indicated that her lungs & regional lymphnodes are clear & normal according to her oncoligist & radioligist. Thus one can say that she is in remission but we would like to… Read More “Maria Socorro, Lung Cancer”

Lung Cancer

Laiking Chieng, Prostate Cancer

Dear Lloyd Jenkins, Thank you for the continuing support. My PSA reading on 8 Jun 15 is 0.47. This is a vast improvement from 96 in Mar 2015. I have taken the Budwig protocol for 3 months and stopped beginning Jun 2015. Plan to take the Budwig protocol for straight 10 days every month from… Read More “Laiking Chieng, Prostate Cancer”

Laiking Chieng
Prostate Cancer

Kathie Fitzpatrick, Breast Cancer

Hello Budwig Staff: I have a dramatic testimony that is medically documented as I have been seeing an oncologist at Northstar Cancer treatment center in Yakima Wa. USA since Sept. of 2014 until now. My stage three breast cancer that involved a high grade large tumor about 9 cm in the right breast is now… Read More “Kathie Fitzpatrick, Breast Cancer”

Kathie Fitzpatrick
Breast Cancer

Tricia Hardisty, Bowel Cancer

I would recommend everyone to try the budwig muesli especially if they have had or have cancer. I had bowel cancer – stage 3. I had chemo followed by taking the muesli every day for 4 months. My tumour markers have reduced and stabilised since taking the muesli and there is no sign of cancer… Read More “Tricia Hardisty, Bowel Cancer”

Tricia Hardisty
Bowel Cancer

Yekaterina Grishchenko, Brain Cancer

My brain tumor was discovered when I was 11 years old (14 years ago this December). It was discovered, because all of the sudden, I developed Bells Palsy (paralysis of the face). A scan showed that the tumor was blocking the brain fluid from draining so it kept building up and eventually caused too much… Read More “Yekaterina Grishchenko, Brain Cancer”

Yekaterina Grishchenko
Brain Cancer

Selin Demirhan, Brain Cancer

Dear Lloyd I’m a 37 year old female, married, with 2 kids. On February 8th 2013, a 5 x 7cm tumor was identified in the front right lobe of my brain, which was removed by surgery on Feb 12th 2013. The pathological test came back Grade 2 anaplastic oligoastrocytoma. I resumed my normal life after… Read More “Selin Demirhan, Brain Cancer”

Selin Demirhan
Brain Cancer

Rick Hopper, Prostate Cancer

Dear Mr. Jenkins, I am sending new urine, hair, and nail samples to you this morning. You should receive them in about a week. I just had a new PSA test done Monday and saw my oncologist Wednesday. He said the PSA level was not detectable or <0.05. I was elated over that. The doctor… Read More “Rick Hopper, Prostate Cancer”

Rick Hopper
Prostate Cancer

Isabel, Lymphoma

My son made it! He is now free of his cancer thanks to the Diet and your help! My son changed his diet within 2 weeks and stuck to the diet. After about 2 months the doctors removed the lymph node which was first noticed by his collarbone. When first noticed it was 3 cm… Read More “Isabel, Lymphoma”

Isabel Demaret Leuf

Correct Diet for Healing Breast Cancer

Dear Lloyd, Thank you so much. Yes of course you may use my story. You could also add: I have been using the flax oil & cottage cheese mixture daily for over a year now and my breast cancer has gone from large & visible to almost undetectable when I search for it with my… Read More “Correct Diet for Healing Breast Cancer”

Breast Cancer

Brigitte Fritz, Breast Cancer

Dear Mr. Jenkins, I myself am a breast cancer survivor (I had a mastectomy in 1998). Tumors run in our family, my mom died of non-hodgkins, my dad of pancreatic, my youngest sister of colon tumor – one day before her 45th birthday 4 years ago. And now my “middle” sister is battling bone degeneration,… Read More “Brigitte Fritz, Breast Cancer”

Brigitte Fritz
Breast Cancer

Donald Price, Prostate Cancer

I attempted to let you know that my psa had gone from 3400 to 250. Not all the way down, but heading in the right direction. The problem with my sciatic nerve was a tumor pressing against my spine. I had that radiated off and am doing much better. I’ll try to do better on… Read More “Donald Price, Prostate Cancer”

Donald Price
Prostate Cancer

Marge, Breast Cancer

Dear Mr. Jenkins, It’s hard to believe another month has gone by. I received the results from the HGC test on Nov. 14, 2012 and it is +/-3, (49.8 Int. Units) and Dr. Navarro said this is within the doubtful range. I’m happy with the result. I’ve finished all the Aloe Vera and all of… Read More “Marge, Breast Cancer”

Marge Rankin
Breast Cancer

Carlos Pissarro, Colon Cancer

Hello Javier of the Budwig Center Thank you for your concern and support! I must tell you I feel I am healed. I got back at working in my “huerto” all day long and feel strong as I was many years ago, I have no symptoms of sickness and I am very optimistic. I am… Read More “Carlos Pissarro, Colon Cancer”

Carlos Pissarro
Colon Cancer

Ole Hansen, Prostate Cancer

Dear Sir/Madam. I sincerely thank you for your outstanding help and assistance. The Budwig diet already reduced my PSA level from 29 to 8. Last year an Australian Urologist told me, that I would be dead mid this year, unless I accepted a dangerous biopsy and following intravenous chemo. Not knowing, that chemo according to… Read More “Ole Hansen, Prostate Cancer”

Ole Hansen
Prostate Cancer

Larry Goodwin, Colon Cancer

As best I know I remain cancer free. I had some issues about 6 to 8 weeks ago and have gone thru some ultrasound tests which tend to suggest pancreatitis (infection). My iron levels took a step backward along with all that, and new results and doctor consult should happen this week. Other than that… Read More “Larry Goodwin, Colon Cancer”

Larry Goodwin
Colon Cancer

Desire Heunis, Breast Cancer

Hello Mr Jenkins, Thank you for this mail, so good to hear from you again. Hope all are well in Spain, it’s going very good with me and Spring is on its way in South Africa. This summer I will receive the last 2 Zoladex injections and its been 3 years September since my cancer… Read More “Desire Heunis, Breast Cancer”

Desire Heunis
Breast Cancer

Pat Haas, Breast Cancer

Hi Mr. Jenkins, When the MRI showed the tumor, and the nodes looked clear I made the decision to have a second mastectomy (on July 11, 2012), especially since I healed so quickly from the first one, and my pain level was never higher than 0-3 out of 10, due to taking Arnica each time.… Read More “Pat Haas, Breast Cancer”

Pat Haas
Breast Cancer

Rolando Roberto, Brain Tumor

Attached is a copy of my MRI for you to see. The oncologist says that the malignant cells have diesappeared but that I am to have periodical precautionary revisions. I would be grateful to you for advice relating to all the remedies as well as reducing my dosage. With my eternal thanks to you and… Read More “Rolando Roberto, Brain Tumor”

Rolando Roberto Rivera Lozano
Brain Cancer

Kelly Krajewski, Breast Cancer

My sister has been following the protocol for approximately 8 months now with encouraging results. Her last check-up showed her cancer-free and very healthy after being previously diagnosed with breast cancer. I have been taking prescription meds for over 12 years now, but would love to start the protocol. Although I am going to an… Read More “Kelly Krajewski, Breast Cancer”

Kelly Krajewski
Breast Cancer

Voyt, Liver Cancer

As a result of Hep C and cirrhosis I have progressed to liver cancer, HCC. My hepatologist is giving me 6 months to live, even though the cancer is asymptomatic now. I had the first bout with cancer in 2007 when it was laparoscopically removed. After the diagnosis I decided to go all natural, no… Read More “Voyt, Liver Cancer”

Wojciech (Voyt) Reich
Liver Cancer

Richard Ollila, Prostate Cancer

I received an additional 7 bottles of supplies and a new schedule, thank you very much. I also receive my most recent Navarro score which was for the one month period after I first started the full Budwig program. My score dropped from 51.4 to 50.5 in that one month. While I am very pleased… Read More “Richard Ollila, Prostate Cancer”

Richard Ollila
Prostate Cancer

Denise Clark, Cervical Cancer

Hey guys, Just had to send you an email to update on my progress. Had a PET scan last week, my doctor has just called to say that the scans are still showing there are masses in my pelvis area but showing very little activity, I have also gained 10lbs in weight since being in… Read More “Denise Clark, Cervical Cancer”

Denise Clark
Cervical Cancer

Vera Lucia, Breast Cancer

Dear Lloyd, My name is Vera Lucia Aquino, i am from Brazil. In 2011 i was diagnosed with breast cancer and in January of 2012 i began the treatment following your counsel. On March of 2012, i went to treat my root channel that was done 3 years before, and on it was found a… Read More “Vera Lucia, Breast Cancer”

Vera Lucia Aquino
Breast Cancer

Pranav, Bone degeneration

Hello Mr. Jenkins, Hope you, Kathy and Robin are doing fine. Pranav our son is doing fine. 1. Navarro sample dates and numbers (Dr. Navarro Urine cancer test) when the test comes back at 52 more than 3 times you are considered tumor free 4th July 2011 – 53.5 20th August 2011 – 53.0 2nd… Read More “Pranav, Bone degeneration”

Bone Degeneration

Wilfried S., Lymphoma

Thank you for being such a good doctor to me in my fight against cancer. When I was diagnosed with lymphoma in August 2010, the tests showed 4 enlarged lymph nodes in my right groin. My oncologist said there is no cure or treatment for now as studies showed the survival rate was the same… Read More “Wilfried S., Lymphoma”

Wilfried S.

Debo Adepoju, Prostate Cancer

I’m writing to you in order to inform you about my father’s decision, as I promised. Two days ago we had the results of my father’s blood test. The results were perfect and doctors were astonished. His health general condition was excellent and PSA decreased from 420 (15 April) to 0.34 (1 Sept). Doctors could… Read More “Debo Adepoju, Prostate Cancer”

Debo Adepoju
Prostate Cancer

Jim Vishoot, Adrenal Adenomas

Jim contacted the Budwig Center in Oct 19, 2010. He requested help as he was diagnosed with bi-lateral adrenal adenomas, producing very high levels of hormones. Here is what Jim reported back to us: Western Med had no cure or treatment, just treatment of symptoms. Since starting the Budwig diet/protocol my hormone levels dropped from… Read More “Jim Vishoot, Adrenal Adenomas”

Jim Vishoot
Adrenal Adenomas

Judy, Cervical Cancer

Hi Lloyd – My sister Lorraine usually communicates with you on my behalf – I wish you could have seen the specialists face he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. I know this is all down to your programme which you sent to me. I am so grateful to you for agreeing to take me… Read More “Judy, Cervical Cancer”

Cervical Cancer

Gabriel Orea, Lymphoma

Dear Mr. Jenkins, Please feel free to publish my experience and quote me. I will also be happy to answer any specific question from you, if you want to provide more information on my case. I have no problem even showing my PET scan pictures and other specific info. I am convinced that the natural… Read More “Gabriel Orea, Lymphoma”

Gabriel Orea

Dorothy McCord, Brain Tumor

Hello Mr. Jenkins, I just wanted to give you an update. I went to have an ultrasound done on my ovaries the other day, to see if anything has changed with the cysts on my ovaries. When I went, they told me that there was no cysts left (mind you one of them was the… Read More “Dorothy McCord, Brain Tumor”

Dorothy McCord
Brain Cancer

Bervin Jackson, Black Mold Poisoning

Below is a video testimonial from Bervin Jackson from Atlanta Georgia who with our help used the Budwig diet cottage cheese and flaxseed oil mixture to overcome exposure to Black Mold Poisoning. In 2010, Bervin was exposed to toxic Black Mold Poisoning spores and over a period of four years, was hit very hard, not… Read More “Bervin Jackson, Black Mold Poisoning”

Bervin Jackson
Black Mold Poisoning

Zygmunt Maciejowski, Leukemia

Hello Mr. Jenkins, Thank you for your e-mail. The program is going well, I am staying on track and am feeling pretty good. I will be getting some test results back in January, so I’ll send an e-mail then. Finally, best wishes for the New Year to you and your family from ours. Best Regards,… Read More “Zygmunt Maciejowski, Leukemia”

Zygmunt Maciejowski

Stephanie, Kidney Cancer

I am 43 y/o and have been diagnosed with papillary rcc, which is supposedly one of the rarer forms of kidney cancer. I didn’t know about Budwig at the time of my diagnosis, and I had not really researched natural remedies before deciding to have surgery. I had a right radical nephrectomy, removal of a… Read More “Stephanie, Kidney Cancer”

Kidney Cancer

Susan Ellinger, Lung Cancer

Just wanted to post my good news today. I started Budwig Protocol on Jan 7, 2009 after results from a PET CT scan in late January showed relapsed mediastinal NHL with mets in the lungs. Scans from last Thursday, March 2, 2009, showed no activity left in the mediastinum and very low uptake activity in… Read More “Susan Ellinger, Lung Cancer”

Susan Ellinger
Lung Cancer

Ron Pendleton, Lymphoma

I am the spouse of a stage 4 cancer patient, who, for the last month, has been on the Budwig regimen, with other supplements. Our doctors pursued us unmercifully to “get with the program” as we had gone through all the prelims for chemo/rad (surgery not an option). Hubby did one chemo and some rads… Read More “Ron Pendleton, Lymphoma”

Ron Pendleton

Latecia Spencer, Brain Cancer

Latecia Spencer – Nov 2008 – Mother 5 children – husband walked out on her when he found out she had brain cancer. BUDWIG CENTER provided herbs and the full Budwig program and support at no cost to Latecia. On Saturday Sept 19th 2009 (11 months later) Latecia wrote: “Hellloooo Mr Jenkins, so good to… Read More “Latecia Spencer, Brain Cancer”

Latecia Spencer
Brain Cancer

George, Bladder Cancer

My name is George, age 71, and I live in Massachusetts, USA. In Jan. of 2004, I came down with Bladder cancer. With frequent blood in the urine, I knew something was definitely not right with my body. I was examined in late Jan. and the Urologist found a tumor at the base of the… Read More “George, Bladder Cancer”

Bladder Cancer

Tom, Brain Tumor

I brought my husband to the emergency room with a splitting headache and projectile vomiting. We thought it was a bad migraine but later found out that it was a brain tumor. On February 12th he had surgery and the surgeon told us and the lab work later confirmed that he had a Glioblastoma Multiforme… Read More “Tom, Brain Tumor”

Brain Cancer

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