Investigating The Source – Our Enriching Visit To Hifas Da Terra

“You are what you eat!” That age-old saying has never been truer today, especially for those taking natural remedies as part of their healthcare. In an age of pesticides, antibiotic filled meat, and genetically modified crops, knowing the source of the food and remedies we consume is imperative to the success of our health.

That’s why a few of us from the Budwig Team went on what is called a “source quest.” We traveled to Pontevedra, Galicia to visit Hifas Da Terra, a biotechnology center. It was our goal to see first-hand why their products have superior quality.

Watch This Video of Our Trip to Hifas Da Terra:

Hifas Da Terra is one of the providers of herbal remedies that we stock here at the Budwig clinic, and after visiting their facilities, we could see why they have won 13 awards! They not only provide natural remedies but also work on the innovation of organic medicinal solutions. And here’s what we just love about them: they care about the source. Their central focus is on organic, sustainable agriculture to develop solutions for current health problems. From achieving medicinal mushroom formulas for cancer patients to improving food for animals with the goal of reducing and eliminating the need to administer antibiotics, this is one company that doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty!

At the end of November, they set up an extraordinary, exclusive meeting for a few therapists. So, Dr. Isabel Tavira and I booked it in our Calendar and set off on our trip. One airplane and one bus ride later we reached their facilities, the bus dropping us off around noon at the “Finca.” The Costa del Sol weather followed us, and we were fortunate to have a beautiful sunshine day to take in their forest/farm surroundings.

We began with an introduction to how the company works by its president Mr. Francisco Fernández de Ana Magán PHD., father of Catalina Fernandez de Ana Portela, co-founder and current general director of the business.We had a delicious vegetarian, home-made lunch prepared for us with fresh ingredients, many grown right there on the farm. We sat enjoying our meal in a cozy room with wood floors and stone walls while a live musician entertained us by playing on a harp. With the music floating all around we felt as if we had traveled back in time!

After lunch, we toured various rooms and buildings where different production procedures take place as well as the greenhouses and wood logs where the farm’s mushrooms are growing.

We finished the day as we started it, surrounded by nature. Set in an elegant glass room, we sat at a long post-war table that had been rescued from a military base, and we learned more about their current projects and the many applications of their products.

In 2017 they won the national prize for organic agriculture. But the beauty we discovered on our visit is that Hifas da Terra is about more than just their products. They are involved in community issues like the bees that are dying locally and the forest fires in Galicia. Their attention to detail and professionalism coupled with the right amount of humanity and down to earth qualities makes them the kind of company Budwig Center is happy to collaborate with. We feel ever more confident and prouder to use their products for our cancer patients. Just an amazing and inspiring company!

They have recently expanded to Germany, UK, and Ireland, adding these three countries to their current presence in France, Portugal, Italy, and China. The USA is on the horizon, so if you can try their products, we’re sure you will be pleased, as we have been.

It has been a memorable “Source Quest” that has set the bar quite high when it comes to the standard a business can have regarding quality, team, and community.

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