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Psychotherapy, Psycho-Emotional Therapy Pair and Kinesiology Testing

Psycho-emotional therapy Pair

The Biomagnetic Pair is a technique developed by the Mexican Doctor Isaac Goiz which uses pairs of magnets located in strategic places of the body to modify the pH and treat many diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasites. It is a wonderful help to treat a great variety of illnesses in a natural way. This therapy hardly ever causes negative side-effects. It is easy to apply to achieve amazing results. It cannot destroy tissues or spread infections, nor leave chemical waste.

Within this therapy, there is a section devoted to treating emotions. This is called “Psychoemotional Pair”. According to Eastern Medicine, the emotions are vibrations that can be stored in different organs according to their nature, thus emotions such as sadness and depression can be stuck in the lungs, anger, and rage in the liver and gallbladder, disappointment and bitterness in the pancreas, emotions associated with finances and the material world can be located in the colon or intestines.

Kinesiology testing

Using a testing technique called Kinesiology (Involuntary Muscle Movement Testing Technique) we can locate harmful emotions stored in many parts of the body. Once we place the suitable pole of the magnet in every location of the body so that we have both poles placed in pairs, they remove the negative emotions as vibrations to be balanced. After every treatment that lasts between 10 and 20 minutes, we will feel a great sensation of lightness and relaxation just like we would have had a great massage. This way we can unblock the trapped emotions so they are easily released. After every session, we feel a significant measure peace and wellbeing.

Each negative emotion is like an electromagnetic unbalance expressed by the body with certain micro-electrical emission meaning that every negative emotion will cause a physical alteration which will be manifested in organs, glands, tissues, and systems. Eventually, our immune system will be weakened, leaving the body exposed to many infections and even cancer activity. Emotional states such as stress, depression, anxiety, and others like these are accumulated in the body changing its biological terrain making it acidic, oxidized, causing the adrenal glands to secrete more cortisol and adrenaline and forcing healthy cells to change their inner program resulting in unexpected results for our health.

By treating our trapped emotions, once they are detected and located, we can set them free with this technique to improve our quality of life and prevent and treat many psychosomatic diseases. This technique gives us the chance to reestablish bio-energetically our balance by dissolving the emotional blockages, therefore affecting positively the flow of energy. This therapy, when applied regularly, can help to prevent many ailments since it can treat at different psycho-physical levels avoiding the activation of genetic predispositions to certain type of illnesses.

We recommend combining this therapy with many others to cover as many fronts as possible and control other cancer factors at different levels.

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