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Budwig Recipes – Homemade Kefir Cheese

Dr. Johanna Budwig taught how to prepare her special mixture and highlighted important features to consider when choosing the ingredients we use. Although she did not leave a recipe for making cottage cheese or quark, the ingredients are easy to find almost anywhere. However, what options are there for any who may not be able to find the ingredients needed? And what about those who are lactose intolerant?

Here is a recipe for homemade kefir cheese


For each liter of milk (preferably goat) use 3 tablespoons of kefir nodules
No more ingredients are required.


  1. Heat the milk until just before it reaches boiling point. Then remove it from the stove.
  2. Add the kefir nodules to the warm milk so that they dissolve.
  3. Once dissolved, pour the contents of the mixture into a fine cloth (gauze type) that has been placed over a bowl or sink. Form a knot in the cloth and let the liquid drain until there is no more liquid in the cloth.
  4. Set the mixture left in the cloth in a round glass or ceramic bowl and let ferment the cheese so that it takes that round shape. Leave it covered and keep at room temperature.
  5. Allow to ferment at room temperature, protecting the container from direct sunlight. Place it in a closet or a dark corner of the pantry. Let it set for 24 to 48 hours; the longer you leave it the more the cheese will have an astringent quality. (Less lactose)
  6. Upon completing the fermentation process, refrigerate whatever you do not eat.

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