The purpose of psychotherapy is to address emotional and mental patterns that cause us pain and can thus be considered part of an illness and even disorders. This is done without medicine or drugs but rather using psychological means.

The pain felt by our thought patterns and feelings are real and cannot be denied, nor should they when we have a serious or chronic illness. In keeping with the fact that we are made up of mind, body and soul, all these aspects need treatment when looking for well-being, reasons for physical ailments and optimum health. Our thoughts, feelings and perceptions make us different and therefore need to be addressed in the best way for our body. Finding a therapy that accomplishes this can make us feel lighter, hopeful and positive. A strong mind is just as important, if not more important than a strong body.

Due to the connection between the mind and the body, while detoxing and healing, patients’ needs may vary. Therapies in this area are just as good as the therapist, so if speaking with a psychotherapist would suit you, we encourage you to meet with Mr. David Lopez during your stay at Budwig Center.

The therapy he offers is called: Psycho-Immunotherapy session

Budwig center, Psychotherapy, complementary treatment for cancer

This boosts the Immune system with visualizations and neural linguistic programming (NLP). This consists of autogenic training to know how to affect the body with the mind and visualizations to interact with the immune system cells and train these to attack the tumour.

How much it costs?

The session can last about 1 hour

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