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The 8 Steps to Recovery

The 8 Steps to Recovery

Whether you’re suffering from the effects of cancer or other illness, our cancer and wellness programs address eight specific areas that lead to recovery. A whole-body approach to fighting disease and other conditions is essential. It enables us to identify issues that impact the body and mind and help target the illness’s principal factors.

The following steps will aid you to get back on the road to recovery:

  • Oxygenation of the cells
  • Identify the root cause of the illness
  • Address pathogens / Balance PH
  • Detoxification to renew the organs
  • Boost and reinforce the immune system
  • Personalized holistic treatment
  • Healthy cellular function
  • Address emotional factors

How The Budwig Center Helps You Get on the Road to Recovery

To help you learn more about how the Budwig Center uses these eight principle factors to help restore your health, we invite you to read our article entitled: The Eight Healing Pillars.

Of course, there are many other factors to keep in mind when you are on the road to recovery. The following articles can give you some guidance and provide you with answers to some of the questions you may have:

Your Questions Answered

Did you know that if you have decided to go through chemotherapy, the Budwig Protocol can help you manage common symptoms that generally come with this treatment?

Watch this video to learn more:

To get more answers to important questions about health, treatments, remedies, diet plans, and more, we have compiled a series of articles on our FAQs page.

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We also encourage you to download the Budwig Guide. It’s packed with all the information you’ll need to understand the basic principles behind the Budwig Diet.

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