How to Be (and Stay) Emotionally Integrated

Emotionally Integrated

What does it mean to be emotionally integrated? Well, according to The Whole Health Center, this state refers to being “able to feel our emotions, acknowledge them, and take responsibility for their appropriate expression in a way that still leaves us feeling whole.” Being emotionally detached, however, is when a person struggles to connect with […]

How to Stop Repetitive Thinking

Repetitive Thinking

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a downward spiral of repetitive thinking? Also known as rumination, this process involves musing over and over the same thought, often dark or sad thoughts, to such a degree that it affects one’s mental health. It can lead to depression and affect your ability to process emotions and […]

Can The Emotional Freedom Technique Help You Battle Stress?

Emotional Freedom Technique

There is an increased risk of developing depression alongside cancer since, as stated by A Paturel, “Elevated levels of immune cytokines… have been linked to learning difficulties and emotional problems, so it makes sense that triggering the body’s natural immune response to cancer increases the risk of developing depression alongside the disease.” Many people with […]

Low Self-worth Vs Self-Validation


Like water and sunlight to a flower, sincere words of commendation, praise, and validation helps us to thrive and grow emotionally and mentally. Sadly, not being acknowledged or valued often leads to mistrust and isolation, provoking feelings of low self-worth. Even individuals who otherwise enjoy healthy self-esteem may have to battle these feelings from time […]

How to Prepare for the New Year

prepare for the new year

During December and January, many people ask themselves, how can I prepare for the new year? There is no doubt that 2020 has been a year that we will never forget. As we enter into 2021, it is an ideal moment to reflect, consolidate, and plan. At the turning point of each year, it’s natural […]

Introducing The EVOX System – Emotional Perception Reframing

How we see the world, our interaction with others, and the way we see ourselves are all determined by various factors. Our upbringing, circumstances in life, and even patterns learned from parents and grandparents provide a distinct shape to our viewpoint. We all acquire what is called a “perceived reality,” which impacts our feelings and […]

The Benefits of Bach Flowers

Dr. Johanna Budwig was aware of the close relationship between emotions and our physical health. She appreciated that resolving emotional issues and trauma was crucial for the body to be able to heal. With this in mind, The Budwig Center gives much attention to each person’s emotions. Bach Flowers Work in Harmony with The Budwig […]

Get Better, Not Bitter

Are you facing a challenge in your life at the moment? Life is often a series of ‘ups and downs.’ Challenges and trials seem to be part of what life on Planet Earth is all about. When we face these problematic moments, it calls for two essential qualities; Courage, and Wisdom. These are qualities not […]