Rosemary Hobson, Breast and Lymph Cancer

Rosemary, Breast and Lymph Cancer

Dear Mr. Jenkins, ITS GREAT NEWS FOR ME. I AM DELIGHTED. I will of course, continue to follow the Budwig protocol and take all the medicaments that you have sent etc. You may share my good news with others. I play the Healing Tones music a lot, and also have a great Faith and believe […]

Gehan Kerara, Breast Cancer

Gehan, Breast Cancer

Dear Lloyd When I came to the Budwig Center back in January 2015 two months after my delivery, the Vega test shows I have still level 4 breast cancerous cells. This is post my redial mastectomy surgery back in July 2014. After following the Budwig program, the Vega test I did it personally with Robin […]

Anne Maziar Ph.D

I survived stage 4 breast cancer in 1989 using principles of the Budwig diet. I was living 10 or 15 miles from the worst nuclear meltdown in US history, in Simi Valley, in 1959. It was 240 times worse than Three Mile Island. I was also living in Boulder, Colo., when Rocky Flats plutonium pit […]

Kathie Fitzpatrick, Breast Cancer

Kathie, Breast Cancer

Hello Budwig Staff: I have a dramatic testimony that is medically documented as I have been seeing an oncologist at Northstar Cancer treatment center in Yakima Wa. USA since Sept. of 2014 until now. My stage three breast cancer that involved a high grade large tumor about 9 cm in the right breast is now […]

Correct Diet for Healing Breast Cancer

Dear Lloyd, Thank you so much. Yes of course you may use my story. You could also add: I have been using the flax oil & cottage cheese mixture daily for over a year now and my breast cancer has gone from large & visible to almost undetectable when I search for it with my […]

Brigitte Fritz, Breast Cancer

Dear Mr. Jenkins, I myself am a breast cancer survivor (I had a mastectomy in 1998). Tumors run in our family, my mom died of Non-Hodgkins, my dad of pancreatic, my youngest sister of colon tumor – one day before her 45th birthday 4 years ago. And now my “middle” sister is battling bone degeneration, […]

Marge, Breast Cancer

Dear Mr. Jenkins, It’s hard to believe another month has gone by. I received the results from the HGC test on Nov. 14, 2012, and it is +/-3, (49.8 Int. Units), and Dr. Navarro said this is within the doubtful range. I’m happy with the result. I’ve finished all the Aloe Vera and all of […]

Desire Heunis, Breast Cancer

Hello Mr. Jenkins, Thank you for this mail, so good to hear from you again. Hope all are well in Spain, it’s going very good with me and Spring is on its way to South Africa. This summer I will receive the last 2 Zoladex injections and its been 3 years September since my cancer […]

Pat Haas, Breast Cancer

Hi Mr. Jenkins, When the MRI showed the tumor, and the nodes looked clear I made the decision to have a second mastectomy (on July 11, 2012), especially since I healed so quickly from the first one, and my pain level was never higher than 0-3 out of 10, due to taking Arnica each time. […]

Kelly Krajewski, Breast Cancer

My sister has been following the protocol for approximately 8 months now with encouraging results. Her last check-up showed her cancer-free and very healthy after being previously diagnosed with breast cancer. I have been taking prescription meds for over 12 years now but would love to start the protocol. Although I am going to an […]