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The effectiveness of this treatment is astounding

Jonatán Calvo Grimaldi

What was your diagnosis? Well, to begin with, I had a disorder of the digestive system, and also a deficiency within the nervous system. What brought you to the clinic? The experience that my parents had at the clinic when they came to get treatment and the effectiveness of what they did here. What has […]

The people have been so loving, caring, open and friendly

Maria Cross

Well, in the beginning, they had told me I had leukemia. And then, they went through further testing, and after spending two months wondering what was happening to my life, they made another test and found out I didn’t have leukemia. So, I’ve decided to come anyway because I had already talked to the clinic […]

What’s impressed me is the love and the kindness that they treat you with

Francisco Calvo Manzano

What was your diagnosis? There were a few issues. Among them, I came here with a bad stomach, my nervous system was bad. My stomach – the digestive system as a whole didn’t work correctly. And my liver – the entire thing was just really bad.  What brought you to the Clinic? When we brought […]