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The Budwig Center’s Tumor Shrinking Protocol

Tumor Shrinking Protocol

The thought of a tumor growing in our body can be quite worrying and very discouraging. However, a question to consider is: are all tumors dangerous?

We often discuss this question with our patients. Interestingly, many people have been told that unless the tumor is malignant, there is no need to fear, these tumors can be considered benign, so there is no cause for concern. However, Dr. Hulda Clark said, “This is like a zebra on the African plains believing that a lion who is standing very still, nearby, need not be feared. This is, again, not true.”

The good news is that our body has what we can call “built-in tumor shrinkers.” Nevertheless, when a person has cancer, this built-in tumor-shrinking mechanism is not working as well as it should – if at all. Fortunately, this can be addressed using the Tumor Shrinking” and “Starve Cancer” Programs.

Step 1 – Detox the Body

Tumor growth has several causes, such as isopropyl alcohol (industrial wood alcohol), parasites, bacteria, and harmful chemicals, to mention just a few. So, the primary objective is to first is to address these underlying causes. For example, to eliminate adult, babies, and parasite eggs, we use a unique blend of cloves, green walnut husks, and cloves along with garlic enemas, which should be administered at a specific time in the month. Additionally, Bentonite Cleanse and other clays, along with herbal formulas, remove heavy metals, harmful bacteria, and dangerous chemicals. Also, Lugol’s iodine and different anti-bacterial formulas are needed. These natural remedies are part of the Keto Budwig Protocol, offered to all cancer patients who enroll in our programs.

Step 2 – Remove the Malonic Acid and Support the Thyroid

When a person has cancer and the subsequent tumor formation, the mitochondria don’t work as well as they should. Generally, this is for two reasons:

Firstly, because of the constant interference from malonic acid and second, the lack of thyroid hormones.

Avoiding malonic acid in your food is the first rule to keep in mind. Malonic acid accumulates in tumors. To block the malonic acid, we put our patients on the six-week “starve cancer” and KETO BUDWIG food plans. The objective is to remove as much of the malonic acid as possible, which subsequently reduces tumors.

It’s vital to control the intake of foods with malonic acid; therefore, patients abstain from such foods as carrots, turnips, tomatoes, and chocolate for the six weeks of the Tumor Shrinking Program. That way, glucose, glutamine, and the malonic acid are blocked, leaving cancer and cancer tumors nothing to feed on. To ensure success, we provide other additional natural food supplements to block malonic acid.

How The Tumor Shrinking Protocol Works

As we’ve considered, the concept behind the Tumor Shrinking Protocol is to remove toxins and block glucose, glutamine, and malonic acid. We also need to support the thyroid as thyroid hormones are lacking. Our thyroid gland makes its daily quota of thyroxine and sends it out via the bloodstream to each one of our 35 trillion or more body cells! It must enter each cell to deliver its activating effect. But as the thyroxine enters the tumor cell and approaches the mitochondria, it is attacked by thiourea. Thiourea destroys the thyroid hormone. We correct that by providing selected B vitamins, Betaine HCI, and Lugol’s natural iodine.

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Tumor Cells Are Under Attack from Bacteria

Tumor CellsNext, we need to deal with the harmful bacteria present in the body. As already mentioned, because tumor cells are short on thyroxine, an impasse is occurring. What is the cause? Bacteria. Ordinarily, when bacteria attack, either your cells or the bacteria win the battle. They neither die nor can they kill their invaders. They are half alive and half dead.

They are in a twilight zone, trying to solve the impasse by dividing. Usually, our immune system would come to the rescue, but cancer patients notoriously have a comprised immune system and especially so if they have had chemotherapy.

Now, as you can imagine, your beleaguered cells are reaching a crisis. They are losing their immunity, and bacteria are attacking them. Most pain that the patient may experience (if not from a previous accident) indicates bacteria’s presence. When the harmful bacteria are eliminated, then the pain reduces or goes away.

Why not just remove the tumor with surgery? Would that not solve the problem? No. As highlighted earlier, tumors exist because of the toxins, malonic acid, heavy metals, harmful bacteria, parasites, etc. So, unless we address these underlying causes, the tumor will return.

At this point, we need to enhance the immune system at the same time. Lowered immunity is a hallmark of cancer; however, your cells cannot depend on your immune system to assist them. Your body tries to raise its temperature, which would typically “pasteurize” and destroy invaders. But a cancer patient’s body does not respond that way. People living with cancer have a lower than usual body temperature. Lugol’s iodine and Betaine HCI will help support the thyroid, which helps raise the body temperature and destroys harmful bacteria, but more is needed. We would also provide Transfer factors, which is a powerful tool to boost the immune system.

Boost the Immune System and Eliminate the Harmful Bacteria

Transfer Factors – Using “Transfer Factors,” we can boost the immune system rapidly. What are Transfer Factors? When humans and other mammals are born, the first nourishment that the mother breastfeeds the new-born is not milk but a clear liquid called Colostrum. Transfer Factors are derived from this Colostrum. Transfer Factor molecules are extracted from grass feed organic bovine colostrum and chicken egg yolk sources. These molecules re-educate or modulate your immune system, teaching it to recognize specific pathogens (viruses, microorganisms, harmful bacteria, etc.) and communicating the knowledge that they are present. Transfer Factors do not destroy these invaders, but instead, they make your immune system more robust and more efficient to destroy them.

Dental Work to Control Bacteria – Crevices between teeth and fillings allow anaerobes to move in. Dead teeth also invite Clostridium bacteria. If your teeth have gray or bluish-black discoloration, you likely have Clostridium infection. It is relatively easy to spot in a dead or filled tooth. It might be hidden from view under a cap, a crown, or under a filling in some cases. Your body will feel an incredible relief when the clostridium-infected teeth are gone. The effect is like removing a thorn that is deeply embedded in you. Visiting a biological dentist is imperative in your “cancer healing journey.”

After your body has been cleared of pathogens and toxins, your tumors will shrink. They always do, as case after case has shown. However, we must be careful not to shrink them too fast! The contents must be detoxified and cleared slowly, in order not to overburden your vital organs. The Shrink Tumor Program is a 21-day process, and at the end of the three weeks, you will hopefully notice the tumor getting smaller and/or softer.

This will continue in the right direction as you continue on the Keto Budwig approach for up to 6 weeks or more.

Also, using the FOUR IN ONE device will significantly speed up the shrinking and healing process. Find out more about the FOUR IN ONE device, CLICK HERE.

Tumor Shrinking Program

  1. Follow the Keto Budwig “Starve Cancer in 6 Weeks Program”. This plan outlines the foods to eat and those to avoid to starve cancer. It comes with glucose and glutamine blocking remedies and a full detox program that addresses candida, mold, harmful bacteria, and parasites.
  2. Tumor Shrinking Protocol – In addition to the Keto Budwig food plan, you need to block the malonic acids by abstaining from specific foods (we provide the full list).

Following the Keto Budwig food plan, most of these foods high in malonic acid are removed. You will also need to add a few additional natural supplements such as Lugol’s Iodine, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, Folic acid, MSM (also helps restore natural iron levels), Acerola 2000mg daily, Betaine HCI, and Transfer Factors. Pancreatin enzymes are taken with each meal. Once all of this is in place, the enzymes are exceedingly swift. In just one week, you should notice a significant decrease in the size of the tumor.

Additionally, there is an extra benefit for persons who switch to a malonate-free diet. You may experience less sleepiness after eating and higher body temperature after just a few weeks, bringing a healthier complexion.

Everyone that enrolls in any of the Budwig Center’s natural cancer programs will receive all the supplements included in these programs.

To find out about The Budwig Center’s natural cancer programs, CLICK HERE.

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