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Natural Alternative Cancer Clinic Featuring The Budwig Diet

“A calm heart gives life to the body" - Pr 14:30 NWT

Dr. Johanna

How To Build A Brand New Body In Just 12 Months

health recommendations, brand new body

When our car gets high mileage and needs a lot of repairs we simply trade it in for a new or almost new model. Wouldn’t that be great if we could trade in our “old worn-out body” for a younger newer one? A young, fresh body with a strong immune system, vibrant energy and lots of

Why Cancer Cannot Survive The Budwig Diet

Cancer, Budwig diet

Cancer is of concern to many. We all have someone in our lives who is or has battled against this terrible disease. Our ears perk up when we hear reports of new discoveries in Cancer prevention and cure. To gain a better understanding of Cancer it’s important to make a comparison between Cancer cells and

Chemicals in Plastic May Lead to Hormone Disorders

Chemicals Plastic, Hormone Disorders

Almost every single day we use plastics. From cups to containers, zip lock bags to cutlery, plastics are everywhere, and for the foreseeable future, they are here to stay. Although very practical and useful, most of us are aware that there are some dangers due to the chemicals used to produce plastics. For example, it’s

A Letter From Colombia to The Budwig Center

Natural medicine clinic, budwig center

One of our patients sent us a letter from Colombia that we want to share with all of you. We can tell you that her visit to our clinic was a pleasure, she is such a kind, friendly and very positive person. This is the letter that we received: Dear Kathy, I send many greetings