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How to Starve Cancer – at Home or at Our Clinic

How to Starve Cancer

Glutamine is the richest amino acid in the human body. Unfortunately, glutamine metabolism is an energy source or “food” for cancer.

Therefore “blocking” glutamine metabolism so that it does not feed the cancer is an ingenious way of “starving” cancer, as reported in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

That is the focus of the Budwig natural cancer program. Sadly, so many are keen to start our programs right away but due to the current travel restrictions are not able to. However, we are happy to announce that certain features of our program, including starting the process of starving cancer, can be done in the comfort of your home.

Cancer Feeds on Four Sources of Energy

You may have also heard that sugar (glucose) feeds cancer. That is true. Interestingly, refined white sugar, fructose, corn syrup, etc., have all been dubbed as “fertilizer for cancer.”

Cancer cells utilize glucose in a dissipative way and to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate) through aerobic glycolysis, regardless of oxygen availability (Warburg effect). However, sugar is not the only source of food for cancer. As already mentioned, glutamine is a source, so are refined fats and oils and ketones from animal proteins.

The Budwig natural and integrative approach disable all four of these cancer “foods.” However, more is needed than just “blocking” these energy sources. Certain types of cancer can still survive and proliferate by relying on glucose without glutamine.

How to Starve cancer using the Budwig protocol

At the Budwig Center, we use various selected herbal plant-based remedies, tinctures, teas, detoxifying clays, essential oils, mushroom extracts to “starve” cancer. Furthermore, the original Budwig food plan includes low glycemic fruits and, of course, the famous flaxseed oil and cottage cheese or quark provide numerous health benefits.

Also, we analyze the personal medical information of each cancer patient. So, depending on the type of cancer, level or stage of cancer, and the person’s overall condition, we put together a personalized program tailored to each patient.

Rarely do two patients, even with the same type of cancer, receive the same selection of remedies. Therefore a personalized program such as what we offer is vital. Other health factors such as diabetes, cachexia (wasting away), low appetite, Epstein Barr or other viruses, parasite infections, severe pain, and constipation could be troubling the patient. So we must identify these conditions before we proceed.

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If you or a loved one have cancer, find out how you can starve cancer in the privacy of your home with our HOME CARE DISTANCE program or our CLINICAL PROGRAMS at the Budwig Center.

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