A Message to All Cancer Patients

The news of a cancer diagnosis can impact a person so much that many have felt that life will never be the same. To all cancer patients – Please don’t lose hope! People are winning the battle against the disease every day – many by using the Budwig Protocol methodology! This is encouraging news. So […]

Your Guide To The Budwig Diet and Food Plan

food plan

When many people hear the word ‘diet’ or food plan, they’re immediately concerned that what follows is an extreme weight loss regime, a list of unpleasant and tasteless foods, and a host of other restrictions that will take all the enjoyment out of life. Fortunately, the Dr. Budwig Diet and Food Plan is quite the […]

Apricot Seeds & The Budwig Diet

Apricot Seeds

Are apricot seeds, which are rich in Vitamin B 17, compatible with the Budwig Protocol? The straight answer is: only in very small amounts, 1 or 2 per day, ideally. Dr. Budwig approved of all nuts and seeds as part of the food plan. However, apricot seeds are not recommended in high doses as the […]

Templeton Wellness Foundation – Interview With Lloyd Jenkins, Ph.D.

Templeton Wellness Foundation Interview

In this fascinating interview hosted by the Templeton Wellness Foundation, Budwig Center’s very own Lloyd Jenkins Ph.D. talks about the treatment, methodology, and the success of the Budwig Protocol. Additionally, Lloyd explains the history behind the protocol, how he became involved, and which modalities he has found to be most effective in late-stage cancer. He […]

Download The Budwig Guide Today

budwig guide

We invite you to download the FREE Budwig Guide. You can do so here. What will you learn in the Budwig Guide? Dr. Johanna Budwig’s primary focus was to educate her patients. She not only worked hard to guide them to recovery, but she also endeavored to empower her patients with insights and knowledge that would […]

Lifestyle and Diet Changes to Improve Health and Wellness

Lifestyle and Diet are slowly gaining more importance in people’s lives. Interestingly, Millennials have been labeled the most “health-conscious generation ever” according to a report from Yale. Even though this may be true, many people still don’t make it a point to pay attention to their diet and lifestyle choices. They do the same thing every […]

Calcium Supplements – Why The Budwig Food Plan Is Better and Safer

If you are taking calcium supplements, new research shows that you are at a 30% greater risk have a heart attack, which applies specifically to people who take 500 milligrams of calcium or more per day. Once in your system, these calcium supplements convert into “little rocks” that are deposited in soft tissues and arteries, thus increasing […]

Trends in Cancer Treatment: Are Patients Looking Towards Alternative Medicine?

Cancer patients all over the world are seeking alternative medicine to treat and deal with cancer as opposed to undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Patients are turning to alternative treatments that have less painful and negative impacts that prescription treatments prescribed by oncologists do. There is an abundance of alternative cancer treatments available for patients […]

I Have A Flaxseed Allergy – Can I Follow the Budwig Protocol Without Flax?

Flaxseed oil and Flaxseeds have tremendous benefits. However, what if you discover you have an allergy to flaxseeds or flaxseed oil? You may be concerned since this is a key ingredient in the Budwig Mix. Is it still possible to follow the Budwig Protocol without flaxseeds? We at the Budwig Center dedicate our time to […]

Practical Support for Cancer Survivors

Every year the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation endeavors to motivate and inspire people to celebrate the tenacity and determination of cancer survivors, their family, friends, and their communities across the globe. The objective is to provide support and to raise awareness of the challenges they face and to remind us all that Life in […]