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Natural Alternative Cancer Clinic Featuring The Budwig Diet

“A calm heart gives life to the body" - Pr 14:30 NWT

Dr. Johanna


Welcome to our testimonials page. Take some time to read through stories and accounts of others who have found answers in natural alternatives to cancer treatment at the Budwig Center, and see the re-sults it has had in their case.

David Seitz

Kidney Disease

My Week at The Budwig Center

My week at the Budwig Centre was a most valuable and fascinating week. From the first day to the last the treatment plan was quite action packed in that there was very little lag time between the different treatments and in my case I was kept very busy which I really loved. The treatment is extremely complete. It’s not just a physical treatment but an emotionally balancing one and I think that’s the key!
There is a whole myriad of very powerful and effective treatments as well as ongoing consultations and some mind blowing experiences with their kinesiologists.

How the whole thing works is really practical and even though there are many many different in house treatments I found them all to have a very significant and profound effect.
I am experiencing chronic kidney disease and I have literally been to the ends of the earth to find people and places that can help. In my opinion they could all learn so, so much from The Budwig Centre. The staff, the treatment plan, the orientation and philosophy, the amazing food- are all 100%.

It’s really a stand alone kind of place and I was also extremely satisfied with the overall cost of the treatment and the fact that all your remedies and herbs and things (and there was quite a bit) are all included in the package. I have been ritualistically following the Budwig Diet/ Protocol for about a month. I think it’s so solid and has so much healing/ health benefits. For those who can’t make it to the centre I would totally advise that you start reading up on all the free info and read The Budwig Guide that you can download from this website. It’s quite fascinating and it can only benefit your health and your life.

All in all from adopting the diet and from my visit to the centre, I am certainly feeling some positive benefits mentally, physically and emotionally. I am very thankful that I got introduced to Budwig. Thanks to you all the wonderful and highly knowledgeable staff. There has been tons of super interesting insights and things that I have learned during my week that I am literally using every day now in my life. It’s not only that you go there and they treat your illness but they empower you be able to take control of your situation by giving you deep insight and understanding into the root cause of your particular problem and I think by doing that the true healing can take place. Best of luck to all who are considering visiting the Budwig Centre. Have the courage to take control of your health and at The Budwig Centre I believe in my heart and from my own experience that you will find both healing and peace of mind.

Telse Tanda

Stomach Cancer

My Experience With Stomach Cancer

I was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach in 2005 and my stomach was removed. I received chemo and radiation over a 5 month period after that. 2 years later there where signs that cancer had returned on my small intestines and was told that that type of cancer would not respond to chemo or radiation. I was offered palliative chemo. I decided not to do that and started searching for alternative cures. I found the Budwig diet and decided to go for it. I had nothing to lose and since I had to eat something why not go for it.

I did it totally by the book for 2 years and slowly towards a maintenance diet where I would do flaxseed oil and cottage cheese once a day and a vegetarian and mostly organic diet.

It has been now 11 years and I am feeling fine.

Thank you Johanna Budwig.

Craig Ellingworth

Colon Cancer

Craig Ellingworth, Colon Cancer

Craig is a 45 year old man who lives in the UK. In 2014 he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer stage 3. He had some chemotherapy and then decided to go down the natural road. Craig came to the Budwig Center in August 2014 and received all our treatments. In May 2015 he was told by his doctors that his cancer had totally disappeared. He even provided us a copy of the Medical Report confirming that his cancer has gone into remission.

Peter Slivkoff

Brain Cancer

What a Life Changing Experience!

Back in 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer that found a tangerine sized tumor in my left frontal lobe. Living in the United States, I was not overly concerned with the types of foods that I put into my body and so I ate many things that were harmful to me such as the fast foods, bad fats, high sugar, low nutritional value foods that are typical and even promoted. The doctors in my local hospital were able to remove the tumor and recommended the typical “fry & poison” (radiation & chemo) treatment so absolutely dominant in America.

I took the radiation treatments and about half of the chemo before my Mother and I decided not to continue as I was in really bad shape. By a miracle and God’s leading in my Mother’s life, she found the Budwig Center in Malaga and we came over for the two week in-patient treatment. What a life-changing experience! From the second I got there I felt the cancer in my body and the cancerous thoughts in my mind run in the other direction.

The amazing treatments that they offer coupled with the fantastic diet change made my whole being sing not only remission but moving far past into excellent health. Armed with the tools and knowledge from the Budwig Center, I am now able to live a wonderfully healthy lifestyle. I am back in the US now and taking a yearly check up with my doctors here via MRI that has shown ZERO trace of my cancer coming back nearly 6 years later.

Thank you Doctors and staff at the Budwig Center and God bless the work that you do! I will highly recommend you forever!

– Peter Slivkoff

Jerry Tindel

Breast Cancer

Jerry Tindel’s wife, Breast Cancer

I receive your newsletter. Thank you. 7 years ago, my wife, Nancy, had breast cancer. The day she was diagnosed, I searched the web and discovered the Budwig Protocol. She started it immediately. She had a lumpectomy and one week of radiation. She is still on the protocol. Every year when her cancer doctors test her for the possibility of cancer reoccurring, she tests the lowest of anyone they test! Praise God!

Two years ago, our daughter, Tammy, had breast cancer. She immediately started on the Budwig Protocol twice a day, and juicing fruits and vegetables. In 6 months her tumor had shrunk 50%. But her doctor told her he better hurry up and do a mastectomy! I am sure he was afraid there would be nothing left to operate on if he did not operate now! And, she did not have the faith to tell him, “Let’s wait a little while longer!

I continually recommend the Budwig Center to people I know who are diagnosed with cancer. If I got it, I surely would want you to treat me.

Thanks for all you do.

Bliuma K Johnsen

Lung CancerMetastasis

Lung Cancer & Metastasis in Skeleton & Brain

Hi Lloyd,

Surely you can use my comments.

It’s the first time after 6months that I have received good news. I was very weak in June and CT results were very poor, just MR of the head/brain was good.
No more new tumors and the two bigger ones were reducing. CT was showing the progressive growth.

Now in July when the CT was taken, the results were amazing -liver is free for cancer, one bi-kidney is almost free, they couldn’t measure it, some other places the tumors are reduced.
The main tumor in the lungs is much smaller and no new tumors have appeared.

So, I continue using all the medicines I have received from you and instructions.

Best regards,
Bliuma Johnsen

Bone CancerBone DegenerationBreast Cancer

Breast Cancer Stage IV / Metastasis

It’s with tears in my eyes, that I write this testimonial, but happy tears.

In February 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage IV and bones metastasis. I’m a holist health counselor and I have been publishing in my blog about the Budwig clinic a couple of years before my diagnoses. I didn’t think about any other place, but the Budwig and I couldn’t more right. I arrived in Malaga with major pain in my hips, I could barely walk. The crew on the Budwig clinic, Lloyd, Kathy, Dr Isabel, Manuel, Julia, Angel, and all the crew of amazing doctors and specialist in the clinic, gave me all the support, care and love. I felt like I was at home.

Lloyd, became my mentor, my doctor and my adviser. He shared information with me about the danger of mammograms so I decided not to have one.

I came from the clinic, feeling so much better. I wait 3 months until my next cat scan and the results came out fabulous. They said’ The therapy is working; (they didn’t know what kind of therapy I was having) the lesions in the leg are smaller, the size of the breast tumor is much smaller and the patient shows much improvement.

I continued following the diet, the cottage cheese every morning, the resonate machine, the coffee enema, and all the nutrients that was part of my protocol.

On April 12 2017, I had another cat scan and my bone oncologist said: ‘You have no more disease in the bones and the breast cells are inactive’ Come back in 6 months for regular tests.

I’m so fortunate I choose the Budwig protocol, I didn’t do any invasive procedure and I can say: ‘I bet the disease’. ‘I survived’ without damaging or mutilating my body. I’m so glad I have the patience and courage to follow the Budwig protocol without questioning and without doubting.

Through out this year, Lloyd has been informing me of all the new devises and nutrients that I should take and I followed him. He answered my emails promptly, sometimes 2 AM, when I need his advise and support.
This is not only a clinic for cancer cure, but a center of caring and gifted people.
God bless you all for your beautiful work.

P.S. My mission now is help other people who have a scary diagnostic and need to hear a successful story. I can be reached at my email: and with much pleasure I will respond any email with questions.

Kindly Sandra Alvim

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Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer, Agora Poros

Dear Mr. Jenkins,

I am writing this testimony in behalf of those people who need a confirmation, that even the night is dark and threatening, there is a tomorrow with realistic hope in the future.

After all the relevant stomach cancer testing, I am cancer free again. Following my positive biopsy results in 04/2015, I was researching only alternative options. The Science based, proven complex approach of Dr. Budwig and Mr. Jenkins made me to put all my eggs into the basket of his distant healing program. Beside the World famous Budwig Diet, the organ specific detoxifications, and the multiple ways of immune system strengthening, it was the recommended emotional treatment, that helped me tremendously to keep my spirit up and to see the end of the tunnel. It is great to plan for the future after all these challenges at the 66.

I am writing this letter also to express my gratitude to Mr. Jenkins for his heart filled guidance and to his professional staff.

Now I am waiting for the crucial “Maintenance” Program to stay in remission for ever.

Agota Poros

LaVerne Marshall

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer, LaVerne Marshall

After extensive abdominal surgery for ovarian cancer, I started six rounds of chemotherapy. At the time of my surgery, my CA-125, the blood test for my ovarian cancer, was 187. After surgery and during chemotherapy this number dropped to 4.9 which my doctor called “crazy good.” My CT scans showed no tumors. Three months after completing chemo, we were disappointed to find my CA-125 had elevated to 87, and a scan showed four inoperable tumors. As we were preparing for another round of chemo and another study drug, my niece introduced me to the Budwig protocol. I did this for 21 days as I waited to start chemo. A CA-125 was run as part of a work up for eligibility for the study drug. To everyone’s surprise, it had fallen to 5.5. A CT scan showed tumor shrinkage. This put everything on hold. The next month after continuing the protocol, it was 3.4 and again 3.2 the following month. My doctor continues to follow my progress, A CT scan after one year on the Budwig showed total tumor shrinkage. It has now been four years since my surgery with my CA-125 remaining very low. Also I thank you for the timely help you gave me when I felt concern over the things I was doing to fight cancer. I pass onto others the help you gave me.
LaVerne Marshall