Welcome to our testimonials page. Take some time to read through stories and accounts of others who have found answers in natural alternatives to cancer treatment at the Budwig Center, and see the re-sults it has had in their case.

Brent And Michelle Gentry
Brent & Michelle Gentry
Testicular Cancer

The Budwig Program really united us to be able to do this together

Brent was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He and his wife Michelle decided to pursue natural methods to improve his health and they chose the Budwig Center for assistance. While at our clinic, Michelle decided to do one of our wellness programs. Here’s their story: Brent:                In March of […]

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Toñi Grimaldi
Toñi Grimaldi Berrocal
Colon Cancer

It’s a fantastic clinic. It’s just extraordinary!

What was your diagnosis? I came here very sick in 2013 or 2014. Very, very ill. And they diagnosed me with cancer of the colon, stage 4. What brought you to the clinic? What brought me here was there was a sister, well not quite a sister, who was here receiving treatment for cancer. I […]

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Susan stanley
Breast Cancer

Feel good factor

Thanks to the team I’m most grateful for everything you do. I’ve just returned from the Budwig center feeling much better. When I arrived I had a warm welcome. I Had several treatments and for lunch, we had vegan food which was very nutritious and tasty. After having chemo treatments it was Nice to have […]

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David Taylor
Esophageal Cancer

Start of The Journey

I have just returned from spending two weeks at the Budwig Center. I have stage four esophageal cancer which has spread to the nodes and liver. It is too early to inform of progress (i will do as and when appropriate) but the early signs have been encouraging and Robin informed me on my leaving […]

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Maria Cross
Maria Cross
Wellness Program

The people have been so loving, caring, open and friendly

Well, in the beginning, they had told me I had leukemia. And then, they went through further testing, and after spending two months wondering what was happening to my life, they made another test and found out I didn’t have leukemia. So, I’ve decided to come anyway because I had already talked to the clinic […]

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Susan Tarrant
Kidney Cancer

Positive Experience

I had my right kidney removed in 2009, then in 2013 I had to have some of the remaining kidney removed. I decided at that point there must be another way of dealing with this cancer and so started to do research in alternative methods. It opened a whole new world to me. Therefore, for […]

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Sam Stolyar
Prostate Cancer

PSA results

Dear Budwig Center team, After following your recommendations, Budwig diet and HIFU procedure, my PSA came down to 0.9 from 6.7. I’m continuing with the Budwig Diet. The only question I have is how long should I take Muesli(Flaxseed oil with cottage cheese). I used to take it 2 times a day. Now I’m taking […]

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Celesta T

"I’m so grateful for the Budwig Center"

I’m so grateful for the Budwig Center. Early 2015 I was re-diagnosed with cancer that went into the nodes. I made my way to the cancer center and received chemotherapy and radiation treatment. It wasn’t until the end of that process that I found out about the Budwig Center (through Ty Bollinger’s documentary series). I […]

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Rectal Cancer

Rectal Cancer, Diabetes, Cholesterol, High blood pressure and Triple Bypass in March 2007

Manuel started on the Budwig program in March 2018 Email: Fri, Dec 14, 11:01 PM Thank Jehovah, my brother I’m feeling much better. Following your protocol and eating healthier I’m feeling stronger, gaining weight and spending as much time as possible out in my ministry work. Truly looking forward to the time when Revelation 21:4 […]

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