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Natural Alternative Cancer Clinic Featuring The Budwig Diet

“A calm heart gives life to the body" - Pr 14:30 NWT

Dr. Johanna


Welcome to our testimonials page. Take some time to read through stories and accounts of others who have found answers in natural alternatives to cancer treatment at the Budwig Center, and see the re-sults it has had in their case.

Roger Wonderly

Tumor Reduced

Tumor Reduced, Roger Wonderly

I have been using Flax seed and cottage cheese for over a year now and have had great success….

In the time that I have been using the flax seed and cottage cheese I have greatly improved my diet and continue to move closer to the Budwig Diet in full. I stopped refined sugars more than four years ago.

I started my journey with Protocel and reduced my tumor size. My last CT Scan shows no cancer and my last Navarro HCG test is a 51.6 so I am nearly cancer free.  I credit the Budwig diet and the Grace of God for my good health.

Appreciate all the information that comes from the Budwig news letter.

Ingrid Werner

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer, Ingrid Werner

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer Nov. 2013 at Englewood Hospital in NJ and they wanted to do the works on me, Cut, poison (Chemo), and burn (Radiation). I knew there was another way and asked the surgeon what she knew about nutrition and she admitted that they were never trained in Medical School. So I declined her offer to take care of me and told her that I would prove to her that I could heal myself.

I started my concentrated research and came across The Latest Cancer-Fighting News and listened to their week long seminar in March 2014. I followed their advice, especially Chris Wark, who cured his colon cancer Stage 3 at age 26 by changing his life style and diet. I did exactly what he did, stopped eating dairy, bread, pastry, pasta, white rice and potatoes, anything white because it contains sugar or carbohydrates that turn into sugar which is food for cancer. No more of my favorite cheeses from France, no coffee or juices, only green tea. In my search I came across The Budwig Protocol (Dr. Johanna Budwig) who cured 95% of her cancer patients in Germany in 1955 but the government closed her down, as they do here too since there is no money to be made for the drug companies. Even though I lived in Germany at that time and came to America in 1957 I had never heard of her. Now I found out that she moved her clinic to Malaga, Spain. I contacted the clinic and told them about my condition (Stage 1 breast cancer) and they forwarded 95 pages of diet to me. I was so impressed with their service without asking for payment since I could not afford to travel to Spain for a treatment. I immediately started on Dr. Budwig’s Muesli for breakfast and will keep it up for the rest of my life because it is so delicious. I only ate raw organic vegetables and fruits like Chris Wark did and lost 35 lbs of excess weight. July 2015 I decided to have the mass (size of a small pea) removed which was really not necessary since tumors grow very slowly at my age of 79. In addition I had a consultation with Carlos M. Garcia MD of his Utopia Wellness Center in Clearwater, Fl. ( after I read the book “Cancer-Free your guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing” co-written by Bill Henderson and Carlos M. Garcia, MD. He agreed that everything I was doing to heal myself was perfect and he would not change anything even if I came to his clinic.

Now I have been cancer-free for over one year and keep up with my healthy living. I do eat organic meat once in while and even have a daily glass of red wine the Budwig Clinic recommended but I do not go out to eat at Restaurants because they do not serve organic food here in America. If friends invite me I will eat their food because I have no choice. If they come to my house they will get organic lamb, or beef, or chicken and lots of salads and vegetables, organic of course.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. I am here to help. You can call me at 201-871-3811 in New Jersey or send another e-mail.

All the best, Ingrid Werner

You can use my letter to you for promoting the Budwig Center. I only wish we had one here in America where I could be more involved to heal people. So far I had 3 people who contacted me to get more information about using the Budwig Protocol. The last one came from Bulgaria and she was quite familiar with Dr. Budwig’s work. I will forward future inquiries to you. Keep up the great work you are doing.


Ingrid Werner

Breast Cancer

Ingrid Werner, Breast Cancer

Thank you Dr. Jenkins.

My life was saved with the Budwig Protocol when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 11/2013 and even today I think of Dr. Budwig when I eat my Muesli every morning. I am now cancer-free for more than 1 year but still enjoy the organic cottage cheese, Flax Oil and Seeds, and fruits and will continue with this for the rest of my life. Whenever I meet someone with cancer I tell them about your service and give them all the information that they can heal themselves if they followed your advice. Thank you for continuing with Dr. Johanna Budwig’s work. I lived in Hamburg, Germany until 1957 when I came to America but never new about her success in Germany. Keep up the great work you are doing.

Kind regards

P.S. and if someone wants more information they can e-mail me.

Amirbahador Sadafian

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer – Iran

Dear Lloyd.Jenkins ,

Passed 8th month of her recovery from her cancer, and her body at now is clear, we are very very thankful for your helping and your recommendation, after her recovery from 8 month ago until now she using all of medicine that you recommended such as Vitamin B15 , AHCC , and Aloe Arborescine and at now more less she controlled her diet ( according to budwig protocol ) ,

Thank you very much. We are very thankful to you for everything. Of course we are happy to share our experience to everybody and we recommend Budwig center to anybody that have a serious illness.

Amirbahador Sadafian, Iran

Endre Kvia


Endre Kvia, Lymphoma

Hi Lloyd, Just a little update from me:

I have moved to Australia with my family and we are enjoying a new start to life after a turbulent time last year. Since October the cancer in my lymph nodes (left axilla) have all shrunk and almost disappeared. I have one main one that used to be the size of a plum is now down to a small raisin. Also my energy levels are better and I enjoy most of life’s activities including working half time. The Budwig center gave me a great start to the healing and I have stayed on the path with some variations. I tick all the 9 boxes in the article by the way. My motto was not to leave a stone unturned. And here I am (almost two years after the grim prognosis from my doctors) with ever increasing health and vitality. The main themes in my healing has been changing diet, connecting with spirit, finding and trusting my intuition and releasing old negative thoughts and programs. Regards and gratitude to all of you at the Budwig center.


Sandra Alvim

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer, Sandra Alvim

Thanks Lloyd!!!

I just had a call from my doctor after a blood test and he said there’s only one cancer cell in my blood and the CA is 2.7 and he told me I should cancel the radiation for now and in two months do a MRI, Petscan and blood test again. I haven’t have pain in my leg, i can even run and go up the stairs.

So I’m so happy everything is working. He is a great fan of your clinic, his name is DR Mark Rosenberg, a scientist and doctor.

Have a great day.

Love and light
Sandra Alvim

Breast cancer and metastatic carcinoma on the hip and pelvic area

Philip Bonfigho

Lung Cancer

Philip, Lung Cancer

In early 1974, Mr. Bonfigho, a heavy smoker, developed a persistent upper respiratory infection and cough. He consulted his family doctor, who prescribed a course of antibiotic therapy. Despite the treatment, the symptoms only worsened, and in March Mr. Bonfigho returned to his physician. At that time a chest X-ray revealed a 3 centimeter (cm). mass in the upper lobe of the right lung. Mr. Bonfigho was admitted to Akron City Hospital on April 7, 1974, and the following day went for exploratory chest surgery. He was found to have a large inoperable tumor in the right lung that had metastasized to many lymph nodes. These findings are clearly described in the operative note: “A tumor approximately 4 cm in greatest diameter was found in the periphery of the posterior segment of the right upper lobe (of the lung). In the area below the azygos vein were multiple nodes which extended posteriorly up along the vena cave and acquired a maximum diameter of about 3.5 cm…. Because of the massive involvement of the mediastinum, curative resection was not feasible…” Evaluation of a biopsy specimen confirmed “Poorly differentiated carcinoma consistent with squamous cell type…” In addition, all lymph nodes removed at surgery were positive for metastatic disease. Mr. Bonfigho’s doctors recommended a course of cobalt radiation treatment, which he began while still hospitalized. Nevertheless, he was told that even with such treatment, his chances of surviving one year were dim. Mr. Bonfigho completed the suggested regimen of 5000 rads to the lungs as an outpatient. When the cancer continued to grow despite the radiation, a course of intensive chemotherapy was proposed. But since his disease was believed incurable, Mr. Bonfigho refused all further orthodox treatment. Instead, Mr. Bonfigho decided to investigate unconventional cancer therapies. He soon learned of (high doses of pancreatic enzymes which is used as part of the Budwig Center program by Dr Kelley,) Over a several month period, his persistent respiratory symptoms resolved, and within a year, Mr. Bonfigho says he felt better than he had for a decade. Today, 13 years alter his diagnosis, Mr. Bonfigho still follows his nutritional protocol and is in excellent health with no sign of his once metastatic disease. Squamous cell carcinoma of the lung is one of the most deadly of cancers. The five-year survival rate for patients with stage III disease, regardless of treatment, is less than 5%.

Charles Upshur

Lung Cancer

Charles Upshur, Wife with Lung Cancer

Wife healed of lung cancer, when given a year to live 12 yrs. ago. Still healed by your diet, and prayer. I want your diet guide for someone else.

Gail Wincey


Gail Wincey, Dermatomyositis

I have been diagnosed with dermatomyositis, which basically means skin and muscles soreness and inflammation. Also, I had not slept a night through without pills in over 2 years before my sisters got me started on the Flax oil, cottage cheese, and flax seeds. The most noticeable change for me was sleeping. After 3 weeks, I noticed that I was falling asleep and sleeping restfully through the night. Occasionally, I have to get up for a bathroom trip, but go directly back to sleep, and wake up rested. If the diet never does anything else for me, I will stay on it for the sleep.