Welcome to our testimonials page. Please take a moment to read through these inspiring stories and accounts of others who have benefited from the natural treatments we provide at the Budwig Center. Our cancer, wellness, detox, and emotional programs have had a fantastic impact on our patients.

Vera Lucia Aquino
Breast Cancer
Vera Lucia, Breast Cancer

Dear Lloyd, My name is Vera Lucia Aquino, I am from Brazil. In 2011 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and in January of 2012, I began the treatment following your counsel. In March of 2012, I went to treat my root channel that was done 3 years before, and on it was found a […]

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Bone Degeneration
Bone Degeneration
Pranav, Bone degeneration

Hello Mr. Jenkins, Hope you, Kathy and Robin are doing fine. Pranav our son is doing fine. 1. Navarro sample dates and numbers (Dr. Navarro Urine cancer test) when the test comes back at 52 more than 3 times you are considered tumor-free 4th July 2011 – 53.5 20th August 2011 – 53.0 2nd October […]

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Wilfried S.
Wilfried S., Lymphoma

Thank you for being such a good doctor to me in my fight against cancer. When I was diagnosed with lymphoma in August 2010, the tests showed 4 enlarged lymph nodes in my right groin. My oncologist said there is no cure or treatment for now as studies showed the survival rate was the same […]

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Debo Adepoju
Prostate Cancer
Debo Adepoju, Prostate Cancer

I’m writing to you in order to inform you about my father’s decision, as I promised. Two days ago we had the results of my father’s blood test. The results were perfect and doctors were astonished. His health general condition was excellent and PSA decreased from 420 (15 April) to 0.34 (1 Sept). Doctors could […]

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Jim Vishoot
Adrenal Adenomas
Jim Vishoot, Adrenal Adenomas

Jim contacted the Budwig Center on Oct 19, 2010. He requested help as he was diagnosed with bi-lateral adrenal adenomas, producing very high levels of hormones. Here is what Jim reported back to us: Western Med had no cure or treatment, just treatment of symptoms. Since starting the Budwig diet/protocol my hormone levels dropped from […]

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Cervical Cancer
Judy, Cervical Cancer

Hi Lloyd – My sister Lorraine usually communicates with you on my behalf – I wish you could have seen the specialists face he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. I know this is all down to your program which you sent to me. I am so grateful to you for agreeing to take me […]

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Gabriel Orea
Gabriel Orea, Lymphoma

Dear Mr. Jenkins, Please feel free to publish my experience and quote me. I will also be happy to answer any specific questions from you if you want to provide more information on my case. I have no problem even showing my PET scan pictures and other specific info. I am convinced that the natural […]

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Dorothy McCord
Brain Cancer
Dorothy McCord, Brain Tumor

Hello Mr. Jenkins, I just wanted to give you an update. I went to have an ultrasound done on my ovaries the other day, to see if anything has changed with the cysts on my ovaries. When I went, they told me that there were no cysts left (mind you one of them was the […]

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Bervin Jackson
Black Mold Poisoning
Bervin Jackson, Black Mold Poisoning

Watch this video testimonial from Bervin Jackson of Atlanta, Georgia. With the Budwig Center’s help, he used the Budwig diet cottage cheese and flaxseed oil mixture to overcome exposure to Black Mold Poisoning. In 2010, Bervin was exposed to toxic Black Mold Poisoning spores and over a period of four years, was hit very hard, […]

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