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Breast Cancer Treatment

Natural Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer treatment has been under great scrutiny for many years. For example, following the news that former “Good Morning America” host Joan Lunden had announced she had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer just two weeks after a mammogram gave her a clean bill of health, mammograms have received bad press once again.

How We Test For Breast Cancer At The Budwig Center

The Budwig Center uses thermography equipment to help detect cancer of the breast. We combine this with a FOUR-IN-ONE device that is used over the spinal column to test and treat all types of cancer. It enables us also to discern if cancer is present. In conjunction with thermography, we use our GSR testing system, at the Budwig natural alternative cancer clinic, which also gives us several parameters to determine cancerous activity.

More and more women are turning to thermography tests as this equipment is considered state-of-the-art, and potentially lifesaving, method of detecting cancer by using thermal imaging.

The Breast Thermography website calls the thermography procedure “one of the most important adjunctive breast imaging procedures available today.”

How Thermography Works

thermography for breast cancer treatmentInfrared thermography works by using the technique of converting infrared energy (radiant heat) into an image that can be seen as in the photo. The use of infrared digital imaging (thermography) is based on the principle that metabolic activity and vascular circulation in precancerous tissues and areas surrounding developing cancer are almost always higher than in normal tissues. What also makes this testing attractive is that the results of the thermography can be correct 8–10 years before a mammogram can detect a mass in the body of the patient.

Doing a thermography test only takes about 15 minutes and there is no radiation, painful compression, and no physical contact involved in the test.

In addition to detecting cancer, thermography imaging can detect fibrocystic conditions, infections, allergies, and even cardiovascular diseases that affect arteries.

Two recent studies have looked into the effectiveness of mammogram screening. The first study, published in the April 2014 issue of Journal of the American Medical Association, was conducted by Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. It examined five decades of data.

The second study involved 1.8 million Norwegian women diagnosed with breast cancer between 1987 and 2010 and was published in the March 2014 issue of The European Journal of Public Health.

The results of these studies raised serious concerns over the accuracy of mammogram tests.

How We Treat Breast Cancer At Our Alternative Breast Cancer Clinic

Since the Budwig Center began its operations in 2001 we have researched the causes of cancer in great depth and detail and concluded that most types of cancer are initially caused by toxins. Both toxic chemical and emotional distress seem to weaken the body’s immune system and the body starts producing rogue deformed cells instead of healthy cells. Then viruses, parasites, Candida can enter much easier into the cells and cause even more havoc.

Therefore, our first line of defense is to detox the body of years and years of chemical toxins that are found today in abundance in our food, water, and air. We use two different types of natural clays, Phyto and herbal plant extracts, colonic irrigation, and foot detox sessions for detoxification. For emotional rebalancing, we use EFT (emotional freedom techniques) and EVOX sessions.

At our natural breast cancer treatment clinic, we use a host of other therapies. Click here to read more.

When I tell my breast cancer patients that the standard bra is ‘dangerous’ to wear many of them are surprised to hear that. In a landmark study of 152 participants, the risk factors for breast cancer and bra-wearing habits was conducted. The study concluded: “wearing a bra for a long period of time was a significant risk factor for breast cancer, which is in agreement with a previous study that found that premenopausal women who did not wear a bra had half the risk of developing the disease compared to those who wore it”.

sports bra and breast cancerrebounding breast cancer treatmentWhy is the standard bra that uses hard plastic or wire to provide more lift, dangerous, and raise as much as 50% more risk for breast cancer? Simply, because the standard bra presses into the body it restricts the natural movement of the lymphatic system, which is the “rubbish disposal” system of the body. What happens next is that these toxins accumulate in the lymph system and are trapped in the fatty tissue areas of the breast, this is a precursor to breast cancer since toxins are the main contributor to cancer.

We, therefore, encourage all women, young and old, with cancer or not, to quickly exchange the standard bra for a “sports type” bra that does not restrict the natural movement of the breasts. Also, choose a bra made of natural fibers that will not have toxic materials touching the breast all day long. And when practical wear no bra at all.

All our two- and three-bedroom apartments, right next to our cancer clinic, where our cancer patients and an accompanying family or friend stay are equipped with a rebounder. This gentle bouncing will also help pump out the toxins from the lymphatic system. Instead of the standard spring type rebounder, we provide the new bungee elastic cord type. This model is much more enjoyable to use and very effective.

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