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Health Recommendation – Choose Your Drinking Water Wisely

One of the first basic steps to good health is to drink clean, healthy water every day. This is one thing we simply cannot do without if we want to maintain good health!

Pure clean water is necessary on a daily basis for many basic life-maintaining activities, such as regulating our body temperature, supporting our digestive system, holding nutrients in our body, supporting literally every part of our body.

Dehydration can lead to serious physiological disorders. Water is the most important transport agent within our bodies. It brings nutrients to the cells and drains off metabolic residue and toxins. Depending on body weight and physical activity, a person should drink between 1.5 and 3.5 liters of water per day. Dr. Johanna Budwig also recommended drinking herbal teas daily. Therefore, pure drinking water should be a priority in our homes.

What Is the Best Water to Drink?

Distilled water and Reverse Osmosis water is pure water, but it is also dead water, devitalized of all its minerals making it pH acidic. It also loses its natural taste. Bottled water is often nothing more than tap water with the chlorine removed. Not only is it a bother to carry these heavy bottles from the supermarket to your home, but in a short period of time, the cost of the bottles themselves would pay for a water purification system. Additionally, plastic bottles generate pollution (production, transportation and in some cases disposal) and can release harmful chemicals into the water you will be drinking.

The Budwig Center encourages all its patients to drink pure water that has been filtered through carbon, silver and ceramic.  Since toxins are a major contributing factor to cancer, it is important to reduce any additional intake of toxins in our water as much as practically possible.

Which water filtration system is most recommendable?

The answer will depend on where you live. First, we would recommend that you find out more about the quality of your tap water.

For example:

Does it have a high chlorine and/or fluoride content?
Does the tap water in your area have dangerous pathogens (bacteria or parasites)?
Do you need a system that can filter pesticides, herbicides or other harmful chemicals?

Once you have the necessary information, you are ready to search for a water purification system that effectively filters harmful elements from your water, leaving it clean and safe for drinking. Apart from a system that is effective at removing harmful chemicals and pathogens, it is important to find a water purification system that does not remove all the beneficial minerals from your water.

It should be Practical

Since your water filtration system is one of the most important appliances in your home as well as something you use daily, you need a system that is long lasting, of high quality and practical to maintain. Before purchasing a water filtration system, we recommend you find out what maintenance is necessary, how it is done and how often.

For example:

Will you need to change or clean filters?
How much do they cost to replace and are they accessible in your area?
Will it be necessary for a technician to service your water filtration system periodically?
What is the cost of this service?
Are there qualified technicians in your area who offer this service?
All of the above questions are important to consider since you want to find a water filtration system that will provide high-quality water for many years to come.

In conclusion, since water is such an important nutrient for your body, it is absolutely indispensable that your body be well hydrated in order to heal itself. Water quality is no less important than quantity. Therefore, at Budwig Center we encourage you to make pure drinking water a priority and to take the time to find a high quality water purification system that suits your needs and is practical to maintain.

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