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Juice Yourself to Better Health And Reverse Cancer

Here at the Budwig Center, we have researched what several experts with many years of experience in the field of health and especially serious chronic diseases.  These health experts have had outstanding success and the one “key” treatment they all have in common besides using herbal formulas, detoxification, and holistic remedies, is they all recommend fruit and vegetable juice fasting! They all say, “When you don’t feel well, stop eating and go to juices. Juices are like a ‘transfusion of health.’”

Some holistic doctors even claim that 95% of their patients were completely well after taking detox formulas for 2 weeks, followed by a 3-to-6-week fruit and vegetable juicing program. (See several testimonials at the end of this presentation)

One juicing expert, Dr Schutze who claims to have literally cured “incurable diseases” with this approach says: “People have said to me, “What do I do for this particular disease?” I answer:  Juice fasting. “What do I do for degeneration?” Juice fasting. “What do I do for heart disease?” Juice fasting.  “What do I do for digestion issues” Juice fasting. Juice fasting is even for the “incurables” he says. Juice fasting is the answer because it allows your body to rest – and it lets your body choose what it wants to heal.  If you just keep cramming food down your mouth, you’ll just get more tired. Your body must digest large amounts of food, and it’s the opposite of what you should do when you’re not well.

Another juicing expert, Dr. Rufolf Breuss put his cancer patients on a vegetable juice/soup broth and selected herbal teas and claims to have resulted in over 45,000 testimonies from cured patients from all types of illnesses.  Note: This approach is less popular as there is no fruit used and so many find they are low in energy and lose considerable amount of weight which for some is an issue.  It does not suit people who are thin and weak. However, it does illustrate the “power of juice/tea/soup broth fasting”.  Our program is a 2-week fruit and 1 week vegetable juice program for common health conditions.  You maintain good energy and those who need to gain weight do and those who need to lose weight do.

Doing a Juice Fast, people reported significant positive health effects, including:

    • Greatly improved digestion
    • Improved sleep and no more insomnia
    • Increased energy and vitality
    • Reduced risk of cold and flu (enhanced immune system)
    • Experience a total body “detox cleanse” and “reset”
    • Restoration of good health
    • Recovery from chronic illnesses
    • Regain natural healthy body weight


Will You Lose a lot of Weight on this Fruit/Veg/Soup/Tea Fast?

Fruit & Vegetable Juices help thin people to gain weight and overweight people return to a healthy weight.  Only vegetable juice or water fasting are notorious for weight loss, but not this fruit/Veggie/Teas/Soup/Water approach. That’s the advantage of consuming both fruits and vegetables. When you consume juices, its literally an “enzyme therapy” as it floods the body with live natural enzymes, which is nothing like enzymes sold in a pill. Also, it thins the blood and thinning the blood is one the most important things you can do when you are sick, and juices do that. That allows your circulation to get deeper in your body into the vital areas, into the capillaries that were filled with fat and all clogged-up.

Juice-fasting allows your body to balance its hormones and replace chemicals it is deficient in.  Heart patients also need juice-fasting.

The first thing an animal does when it is sick is to stop eating. They instinctively know they must fast themselves. We need to do the same, because digesting solid foods takes a tremendous amount of energy to digest.  Now switching to liquids, the digestive system rests, and all that blood and energy can be put somewhere else to heal you.

A Few Heart-Warming Testimonials


As a holistic Naturopathic doctor operating my own clinic, I pride myself with excellent health, however for over 30 years I have struggled with slow digestion which has caused me insomnia for years as I could not stay asleep as my stomach kept me awake trying to digest my evening meal.  Because I had access to some of the best quality food supplements I tried probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes as well as correct food combining and even eating very little or nothing in the evening, but nothing really worked.  I had to sit up for hours at night in a big chair, fall asleep there and then crawl into bed.  However, I was not getting quality sleep and I was not assimilating my food properly.  I knew this was a serious issue, because even the “father of medicine” Hippocrates said, “Your Health is in Your Gut”.  75% of our immune system is in our stomach. And our stomach is our 2nd brain.  So, it must be working very well to be truly healthy. When I started treating my patients with the detox and juice fasting program, I decided to try it myself.  Like a miracle within a few days, I noticed my digestion was so much better.  I drank the special “digestion juices” of cabbage, celery, lemon with the rind and apple as well and what a difference.  I enjoy it so much and to make sure my digestion keeps working well, I drink a glass of this everyday now.  Instead of a beer at night I have this “digestion juice” and I call it my “evening beer”.   Many people when they reach their 60’s start having digestion problems.  Juicing is like “enzyme therapy” and nothing replaces “live” enzymes as found in fruit and vegetables.  Enzymes in pill form has never worked for me!  Dr Schulze was so right when he said that just eating lots of fresh fruit will not heal your digestion.  He says that the problem with eating lots of fresh fruit is the digestion must then deal with a lot of fiber in the pulp of fruits which puts a burden on the digestion.  So, the key is to separate the pulp from the juice which has all the good nutrition and enzymes that are needed.  I used to eat a “mountain of fresh fruit” every morning and I totally agree with Dr Schulze.  It did not correct my digestion and in fact it caused a lot of gas and digestive issues.


A cancer patient with very severe Leukemia regenerated his bone marrow with months of juice-fasting. He had undergone a couple of different treatments and a couple of shots of chemotherapy. He felt so horrible, he said that death would be better than his experience on the chemotherapy. He quit chemotherapy and turned to juice fasting.  The first month there was no marked improvement as he has spent most of his 40 years eating a horrible unhealthy diet.  He consumed juice off and on taking short breaks and in the second month he was stabilizing and some of his blood counts were coming up. On the third month of juice fasting, he saw the big changes and by the fourth to fifth month, he was clean.  His progress would no doubt have been faster if he had of added other effective therapies, however, it does illustrate the power of juice fasting for cancer and chronic illnesses. [1]


People with all types of cancer at different stages have experienced total remission, like for example, Josef Radler, who on July 28, 1964, was diagnosed with cancer of the large and small intestine and was advised to undergo an operation and have a colostomy.  Josef said, “Every day that went by, my condition deteriorated, and I knew that I was very close to death”.  He heard about the juicing program and so he started on the juice and on the 35th day he claimed he felt the cancer was clearing.  He experienced total remission and the cancer never returned.


You or a loved one with cancer can hopefully experience what many others have, like Maria Nesensohn who discovered she had breast Cancer January 20, 1973, and said, “I was supposed to have a breast cancer operation, but I just couldn’t go through with it as my mother had died shortly after undergoing the same kind of operation. During the [juice and tea] treatment I felt very healthy, even though I lost some weight. At the end of the fasting the cancer growth had gone and has never reappeared to this day. I feel very well.”


We read many comments like the man who had colon cancer and started on a two specific detox protocol and then continued with a multitude of fruit and vegetable juices and about a month later literally pooped this cancer right out and it looked like it was 18″ long like a rope.


Fried Richslia was diagnosed with kidney cancer on February 12, 1970. She had an operation to remove the kidney with a large tumor on it, which turned out to be malignant cancer. She was sent home and told she only one year to live. She underwent 43 radiation treatments, but the cancer kept spreading and growing and X rays found a tumor now on her left lung. She underwent another operation during which the left pulmonary lobe was removed. Then in May 1972 an X rays showed that I had another tumor on my right lung. Another operation was advised, but she refused. She started on the vegetable juice and tea treatment and after four weeks, she visited the radiologist again, who confirmed that the tumor was now only the size of a small rice corn and four weeks later the Xray medically confirmed the cancer was all gone and now there was nothing but a scar.   (More Testimonials at the end of this Report)

Is Juice Fasting Effective as Part of a Holistic Treatment Approach?

Dr Schulze says: “One of my first patients had lost a tremendous amount of blood from surgery–and doctors wanted to do a transfusion. In 24 hours on juices, I brought her blood levels back up.  This was my first realization of the power of what juices can do to build the blood up.  I went to the hospital and made the juices and put them in quart canning jars. Fresh beet juice, fresh carrot juice, etc. I took it right to her hospital room and she drank it. That’s all she had for 24 hours and not only did her blood hemoglobin go up, but it went over the top of the scale. The doctors said they were shocked; they had never seen anything like that.” [2]

Fruit and Selected Vegetables Disactivates Cancer

How does juice fasting disactivate (starve) cancer without starving you? Fruit has the lowest levels of the amino acid methionine. Cancer cells are highly dependent on methionine to survive. Mark Simon, founder of the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute (NORI), found that depriving the cancer cells of methionine, through diet, essentially causes cancer cells to die, “you deprive the cancer cells of methionine, which causes oxidative stress, and it limits their ability to synthesis proteins that they need to carry out all of these cellular functions and divide and do everything they need to do to generate more cancer cells.” Methionine restriction is one of the key steps to eliminating cancer. [3] Basically with this approach we are “starving” the cancer but not the patient. Fruit just happens to provide the two most essential keys to destroying cancer: using enzymes to remove the protective coating surrounding cancer cells; and depriving cancer cells of building blocks so that they can’t replicate and ultimately this results in apoptosis (cell death).

Insulin Feeds Cancer NOT the Natural Sugar in Fruit

Many have heard that all sugars feed cancer.  Yes, sugar indirectly feeds cancer, however we need to qualify what we refer to when speaking of sugar.  Unhealthy refined sugars (white, brown, sugar cane, maple syrup, corn syrup, etc.) all cause an insulin spike which “feeds” cancer.  Fruit is only a problem if it is a part of a high fat (refined vegetable oils, bacon, fatty meats, etc.,) diet. Sugar itself does not feed cancer, insulin does. Countless people have reversed their cancer consuming fruit juices which proves that natural sugars as found in fruit is not a problem in treating cancer.  Insulin lets sugar into the cells, thus a tumor growth promotor. High protein foods, such as animal protein and dairy, can also spike insulin depending on how they are consumed. So, during the juice fast, no other foods are permitted. Additional benefits of an all-fruit diet include clear elimination channels to detox cancer cell waste, alkalization– which improves various bodily functions, lowered inflammation, low-impact diet for easy digestion, and high amounts of fiber for better bowl evacuation.

Why Juice fasting is Better than Water Fasting

Juice fasting is more powerful than just water fasting. Juices not only fill you with nutrition – but they empty you out.  Juices are flushing and cleansing to organs of the body. Juices contain gigantic amounts of enzymes.  Enzymes are heat sensitive, meaning that when you cook food, you destroy all the enzymes. Now, when you eat cooked food but keep consuming the raw juices, it’s okay because now your body will produce enough enzymes for you to digest cooked food.

Can I reverse cancer or a chronic illness just with juice fasting?

Some people have successfully recovered their health by simply adopting the juice protocol, especially if they have precancer or very low stage cancers.  However, that is a “risky” approach that could take months and especially if you have a life-threatening disease like cancer, you need a multi-pronged approach and the support of health experts.  First, you need to do a complete 2-week DETOX and that requires the correct herbal formula that will eliminate heavy metals, chemical toxins and parasites.  Most detox remedies on the market are not complete enough to really detox someone with a serious disease. Dr Hulda Clark found that all cancer patients without an exception had parasites and isopropyl alcohol in the liver and until that is cleared away, there can be no complete healing. There are over a 1000 variety of parasites, so you need more than just cloves, wormwood and black walnut husks which most parasite cleanses offer.  Dr Schulze found that if the “detox” was not done first and correctly, then his patients did not get good results from the juice fasting.  It is best to follow a time-tested anti-cancer program that gives you the best possible outcome and in the least amount of time.  Therapies like HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber), Infrared 4 in 1 focused heat therapy, Matrix Regeneration therapy, osteopathic adjustments, Hyperthermia therapy, Ionic foot detox sessions, Hydrogen Inhalation therapy, RIFE anti-cancer frequency sessions, emotional rebalancing EVOX and/or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) sessions.  Combining remedies and therapies with the Juice program will give you the best possible outcome which is what we offer at the Budwig Center.

Juice Fasting Balances the Hormones

Juice-fasting allows your body to balance its hormones and replace chemicals it is deficient in. Many people are sick because they don’t produce enough insulin in their body. Or they don’t produce enough thyroxine in their thyroid. Or they don’t produce enough interferon or immunoglobulin for the immune system to be strong. They don’t produce enough or too much estrogen or progesterone or testosterone.  Juice fasting supplies your body with a tremendous amount of nutrition. So, it balances your metabolism, balances your hormones, balances your endocrine system, your thyroid, your pancreas, and your reproductive organs.

Juicing Clears the Mind

Juice fasting clears the mind. And you will be amazed at your sense of smell, your sense of taste, your eyesight, your perception and your thoughts. We are drunk on food. Overeating makes you dull. Your blood, instead of going to your brain, is going to your digestive tract.

VERY IMPORTANT: Start off with Detox and Cleansing

NB: If you do not do a 2-week in depth detox program before the fruit/vegetable fasting program, you most likely will not resolve your health issues.  Therefore, it is absolutely imperative to start off with the complete intestinal, liver, kidney and parasite cleanse.  The Budwig Center includes 4 different remedies for this:  Bentonite Cleanse, NT PARAX (anti parasite), Magnesium Peroxide and Herbal Colon Cleanse along with 7 blends of Kidney and Liver Herbal Detox teas

As we age, the bowel can become sluggish, constipated, and swollen, retaining pounds of old fecal matter can either compress a nearby area causing disease, or emit infection and toxins which can affect and infect any area of the body.

Research indicates that approximately 80% of people are healed from their

    • heart disease
    • blood pressure problems
    • breathing problems
    • blood sugar problems
    • hormone imbalance
    • fertility problems
    • liver issues
    • cholesterol problems
    • immune system issues
    • urinary problems
    • adrenal and lack of energy problems
    • prostate problems
    • digestive problems
    • lower back problems,
    • leg circulation and nerve problems. The list is almost endless.

They healed themselves by cleaning out their colons before starting on the juicing approach. At the Budwig Center our research agrees with many holistic doctors that clearly shows that chemical toxins are the main contributing cause to cancer and many chronic illnesses.   First thing we do is provide detox supplements to make sure the patient has regular bowel movements each day (3 per day is ideal).  For people with cancer, all the dying cancer cells and build up fecal matter in the colon needs to come out otherwise you could experience “auto intoxication” which can lead to serious issues.

While doing the initial detox program and then following on with the juice fasting, we outline how to cleanse the bowels at the same time for incredible results. Many adults have very hard impacted fecal matter clinging to the walls of their intestines due to consuming unhealthy fats, processed foods, refined sugars and excessive amounts of dairy.

A very special selected variety of herbal compounds combined with the fruit juice fasting are needed to deeply cleanse the intestinal tract.  Optional colonics and enemas also help to remove this plaque are also good to do.  Otherwise, the peristalsis process of the intestines is hampered.  Fruit juices in conjunction with our “cleansing formulas” are indispensable for a removal of the mucoid plaque on the sides of the intestinal walls.

Potent Detox Remedy


Our Herbal Colon Cleanse contains all the natural ingredients to remove years of chemical toxins from the digestive system.

Ingredients: Psyllium Husk 700mg, Dandelion Root Extract 400mg, DGL Liquorice Root Extract) 400mg, Citrus Pectin 40mg, Clove Bud 40mg, Garlic Extract 4000mg Aloe Vera Extract    2000mg, Chlorella Powder 10mg, Cayenne Extract 80mg, Fennel Seed Extract 40mg, Ginger Root Extract 120mg,

Directions: Take 2 capsules upon rising on empty stomach and 2 capsules 2 hours after eating in the afternoon

Magnesium Peroxide activates the Bowels

In addition to the “Colon Cleanse” and the “Parasite Cleanse” the Budwig Center also provides Magnesium Peroxide, which turns the undigested material into CO2, waste and water. Magnesium Peroxide is a cathartic, and initially will give you liquid stools. This however is a sign that the product is working.

Magnesium Peroxide will clean the entire 21 feet of the digestive tract as well as loosening the impacted material in the lower colon, to improve assimilation, absorption and elimination. This is an important first step in establishing good health.

The average person has six to twelve pounds of putrefaction rotting away in their gut creating a home base for parasites, germs, bacteria and viruses to multiply in and organize their attacks on your body. Individuals who struggle with weight problems develop a tremendous loyalty to Magnesium Peroxide because it is a quick way to dump a few extra unnecessary pounds and helps reduce those cravings, which can be such a counterproductive force.

Note: It is important to take Magnesium Peroxide on an empty stomach and wait an hour and a half before eating anything else. Magnesium Peroxide can be taken 2, 3 or more times a day during the day or at bedtime.

If you do not do any enemas or colonics this product along with the Colon Cleanse and plenty of fruit will do a tremendous job of cleaning up the colon.

BENTONITE CLEANSE removes chemical toxins

We are living in a “toxic soup” and even modest estimates have suggested that we are exposed to more than 700,000 different toxic chemicals daily. We have Pesticides, fertilizers, medications, oil spill toxins, plastic toxins, and radiation exposure to our bodies. Estimates are that yearly we consume nano plastics (found in cling wrap, plastic bags, bottled water, nonfood grade plastics, etc.,) to the amount of plastic that is used to make a credit card!

The “Bentonite Cleanse” clay binds with these toxins and then makes an exit via the colon and the kidneys and can help alleviate rashes, eczema, food allergies, food poisoning, colitis, viral infections, and parasites. It is effective in treating many digestive conditions and aids in weight loss. We need minerals for our body to work properly. Bentonite clay contains essential minerals and remineralizer for the cells and tissues and alkalizes the body.

One analysis of Montmorillonite clay found in Nevada contained 74 mineral elements! All-important activity needed to prevent and overcome diseases.  Note:  Bentonite Cleanse is not simply bentonite clay in a capsule.  In fact, it is “illegal” to sell bentonite clay it on its own for oral consumption as the clay could obstruct the digestion. Our Bentonite Cleanse is a combination of the clay, Plantago ovata and psyllium husks.

Directions: 4 capsules upon rising and 4 capsules midafternoon with plenty of water

PARAX – A Very Complete Parasite Cleanse

Everyone has parasite and there are over 1000 varieties and so a very complete “recipe” of natural potent herbs is needed to eliminate the different adult, babies, and parasite eggs.  PARAX will eliminate:

    • Ascarids, even in the brain
    • Intestinal parasites
    • Pairs and single type
    • Giardia Lamblia
    • Helminths
    • Pinworms or worms
    • tropical parasites.

Most anti-parasite remedies only offer 3 different herbs, such as wormwood, black walnut husks and cloves.  Our anti-parasite remedy is perhaps one if not the most complete anti-parasite formula that contains 23 ingredients:  l-cysteine, cumin, centaurea minor, grapes extract OPC, resveratrol, pineapple extract bromelain, cloves, pumpkin seed extract, black walnut, grapefruit extract, celery, allicin, CoQ10, thyme, papaya powder, licorice extract, wormwood, sage, rosmaric acid, ceylon cinnamon, marshmallow, olive-oleuropein, fennel

Directions: Take 2 capsules on an empty stomach upon rising and 1 capsule 2 hours after eating in the afternoon.

Clean the Liver and Kidneys

Dr Breuss recommends a variety of 7 different teas to cleanse the Kidneys and Liver
These teas should be consumed during the 2-week Fruit Juice fasting and 1 week Vegetable juice fasting period.

Full instructions are provided on how to prepare the teas and when to consume them.




Wheat Grass is one of the Best Juices to Detox

Even if people have done other detox program, the wheat grass juice will detoxify even more and deeper.  Especially during the first 2 weeks of detox take the fresh wheat grass or add 1 tablespoon of the powder to a smoothie or juice.

Approximately one shot of wheat grass juice is the nutritional equivalent to 1kg of green vegetables juiced! It contains all eight essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein), 92 of the 108 minerals our bodies need, and vitamins A, B, C, E and K.

Wheatgrass is also the highest known source of chlorophyll of any known plant in the world. All this goodness means it can be great for helping with detoxification, building red blood cells, and massively boosting the immune system. We provide Wheat Grass powder obtained from gently powdered wheatgrass juice. Up to 3 times more wheatgrass is processed in the juice powder.


Read More Testimonials and Success Stories

Cancer of the Larynx

December 7, 1972 I shall never be able to thank you enough for curing me of cancer of the larynx. For a long time my throat had been very hoarse so I was sent to a throat specialist. The result of the tests showed cancer of the larynx and the doctor advised that I should have an operation immediately. I was thoroughly examined once again and informed that my larynx had to be removed completely. I couldn’t decide whether or not to undergo this operation and returned home untreated. Talking to a neighbor, I heard about a man who had been healed by you. By the time I had completed this juice treatment, I felt fit and once again had a good appetite. Despite my 72 years I felt like my old self again. Thanking you once again for your efforts and your help getting me well again. Yours faithfully, Your J. St., 7991

Breast Cancer

January 20, 1973 Twenty-three years ago I was supposed to have a breast cancer operation. Despite the fact that year by year my condition was deteriorating, I just couldn’t go through with it as my mother had died shortly after undergoing the same kind of operation. Luckily, five years later, you were working in our area. I had heard that he was known to heal. I also knew he could diagnose illnesses. I showed him my left hand and asked him, “Am I healthy or ill?” He replied, “Something is not right with your right breast.” I was shocked. Obviously you hadn’t wanted to say it so bluntly because his face reddened. I think maybe he thought that he had said too much. I then told you not to worry as I already knew that I had breast cancer, but couldn’t he possibly do anything for me? You replied, that as I didn’t want to undergo an operation and had full knowledge of my illness he had a mixture of juices which he had come up with ten years before, to be used against cancer. Until that day he had never dared mention it to patients who had cancer. As I knew what was wrong with me, You suggested that I follow the juice treatment, even though this particular juice was intended for use against cancer of the stomach. You also warned that I was the first patient he would be testing it on, and that he didn’t know if a person could take the treatment for 42 days without having anything else but the juice. Fully determined, I began the treatment, drinking only the juice. It wasn’t easy, because in those days juice extractors had not yet been invented, so I had to grate the vegetables and squeeze out the juices with a towel and potato press. I was pleasantly surprised. During the treatment I felt very healthy, even though I lost some weight. After 42 days the cancer growth had gone and has never reappeared to this day. I feel very well. Thank you, from my heart for your advice. I am proud to have been given the chance to be your first patient and to be healed by your juice treatment. I can personally recommend your Total Cancer Treatment to all cancer sufferers, especially if they have been told no operations can help them. Maria Nesensohn,

Kidney Cancer

On February 12, 1970, my family doctor sent me to a university hospital. They carried out tests and the result showed that I had a tumor on my left kidney. Once this was found, they carried out further procedures to find the exact position of the tumor. On March 3, 1970, I was sent to the hospital. I had an operation on March 5, 1970, to remove the kidney with a large tumor on it which turned out to be malignant (cancer). I was sent home on March 17, 1970. My husband was asked to see the surgeon and was informed that I had only one year to live. At home, my treatment was taken over by my family doctor and a radiologist. I got 43 radiation treatments and had to go for an X-ray every three months. On September 9, 1971, 1 was in the hospital once again because Xrays had found a tumor on my left lung. I underwent another operation during which the left pulmonary lobe was removed. I was discharged from the hospital on October 8, but had to continue medical supervision. In May 1972 the Xrays showed that I had another tumor on my right lung. Another operation was advised, but I refused. By a divine miracle I got the address of a man who could heal cancer. I drove immediately to see you in Thuringerberg, Austria. You confirmed my cancer but raised my hopes by telling me that in 42 days I would be completely healed if I followed his Total Cancer Treatment. Even though I was still under my family doctor’s and radiologist’s care, I began the treatment. After four weeks of treatment I had to visit the radiologist again, who confirmed that the tumor was now only the size of a small rice corn. As I ended the treatment after a further four weeks, I had to visit the radiologist once again. All that could be seen was a scar. This was all medically confirmed. I cannot thank you enough for curing me of my “incurable” disease. I am convinced that if I had known about him earlier, I would not have had to undergo the pain and suffering of the previous operations. M.H., 7990 Fried richslia fen Note: This lady still feels very well in 1986.

Josef Radler, who on July 28, 1964, was diagnosed with cancer of the large and small intestine and was advised to undergo an operation and have a colostomy.  Josef said, “Every day that went by, my condition deteriorated, and I knew that I was very close to death”.  He heard about the 42-day program and so he started on the juice and tea fast and on the 35th day he claimed he felt the cancer was clearing.  He experienced total remission and the cancer never returned.

Lump in the Breast

February 7, 1973 On September 19, 1972, I discovered a large hard lump in my right breast. My family doctor checked me into the hospital immediately to have surgery. I had already heard about the juice/tea treatment and decided to try it before agreeing to the operation. After three weeks of the juice treatment the growth began to change and after six weeks of the treatment it had completely disappeared. My doctor was amazed and told me that the growth was so large that I would have undergone a complete mastectomy. I am very happy about my successful treatment because I am only 40 years old and can now go on living a normal life. To you who has already helped many people with his treatment and to our Lord I would like to say thank you. I can only hope that you will continue to help me and many other patients for many years to come. Mrs. G.S., 7988 Wangen im Allgau Note: 1985, everything is still excellent.

Leukemia, Arthritis, Myocarditis [undated]

Christmas 1964 1 became ill with leukemia, arthritis and myocarditis. I was sent to the hospital and my condition wasn’t getting any better until my husband brought you to see me in the hospital. You had already commented to my husband, while on their way from Wigratzbad to Ravensburg, that I would feel much better after three days and would be allowed home after six days. I drank the tea and juice and, very soon, I was feeling a lot better. After approximately six days I was discharged from hospital. I am extremely thankful to you for your time and treatment. Mrs. Pia H., 7989 Argenbiihl

Liver and Pancreas Problems

1974 My history of illnesses is probably typical of what many patients go through. For years I had liver and pancreas disease and had never found any treatment that made it better, even though I consulted various medical doctors. I was kept on a strict diet and had to take a lot of medicines to just keep the disease at bay, though I could only do this to a certain degree. A while later, I also got kidney disease. In short, my state of health had arrived at the zero mark. One day a friend of mine gave me your address. As I had nothing to lose, I drove to Thbringerberg immediately. Without even being told about my history of illnesses he confirmed the medical doctor’s diagnosis. You prescribed a juice treatment for six weeks and I did exactly as prescribed. During this time it was quite unpleasant, but I stuck it out. It was worth it in the end. Now I feel healthy and can eat everything and I don’t suffer even the slightest symptoms of my former disease. I can recommend this treatment as, once again, I am a happy and content human being. Yours faithfully, X.H., 7992 Tettnang

Cancer of the Lip [undated]

During May 1971 I had an operation on my lower lip. A medical evaluation from a university clinic then confirmed that I had cancer. Consequently, I received 25 radiation treatments. In 1973 the cancer came back. Radiation couldn’t help anymore. In the spring of 1974 I was sent to the university clinic again to undergo a major operation and to have plastic surgery involving skin transplants. The plan was to do five transplants, each a year apart. I have to mention that, in addition, I had three lumps in my glands and throat, which were confirmed to be 1(X) per cent cancerous. My operation was scheduled for March 29, 1974 at 10 a.m. At 7:30 a.m. that morning I telephoned the medical doctor and told him that I had decided not to undergo the operation (after which I would have had to spend a whole year in the hospital). He unwillingly discharged me and told me that I alone was responsible for the outcome of that decision. When I returned home, my wife and I drove to Bludenz, you prescribed the Juice/Tea Treatment, which I started the very next day. I felt very well during the treatment. After four weeks we began to see results. Five weeks later my lip had healed and the lumps had completely disappeared. One week after the treatment I started work again. I had never felt so well and I still feel the same way now. Therefore, I cannot thank you enough. Yours faithfully, Peter Seehuber, Isny/Allgau

Abdominal Cancer

April 30, 1975 During 1962 and 1966 I underwent surgery and also eight weeks of radiation therapy with liquid radioactive gold injected under my abdominal wall. Until the summer of 1967, my condition had been quickly deteriorating. Another blood test had shown a new invasion of cancerous cells. I sensed that my body was shutting down more and more. When I heard about people who had been healed trying the “juice treatment,” I went to visit you. You examined my eyes and suggested that I start his juice treatment right away. As I could rest a lot and lived in a wooded area where I could enjoy the fresh air, it was easier not to feel too hungry during my weeks of fasting. Only in the last five days did I have an additional half cup of gruel twice a day. I firmly believe that during this treatment my blood renewed itself and enabled me to overcome this disease. I still have some pain which I attribute to radiation, to adhesions and to the radioactive gold. During the juice treatment my tongue went completely black. I consulted You and you suggested drinking pimpernel root tea to clear my tongue, rather than ceasing the juice diet. Indeed, within three weeks complete recovery took place! T.S. 7988 Wangen im Allgau Note: This lady still feels well in 1986.

Breast Cancer

Fall 1977 After a diagnosis of breast cancer (right side), I followed the Juice/Tea Treatment in July and August, 1977. Result: The hardened area returned to normal. My state of health as of today: excellent. Remarks: An amazing improvement of the blood (formation and structure of the red blood cells) during the Treatment. H.S., CH-8580 Amriswil/Switzerland Note: Still in very good health in 1986

Blood Poisoning

May 20, 1974 In 1938 1 had very had blood poisoning in my left arm. It was very swollen and colored blue, red and green. I had to go to the medical doctor who took one look at it and said it was too late, there was nothing more they could do for me. You offered me his help. What he did was a natural miracle. A short while later I could go swimming. I would like to thank you for saving my life. Emil Siess, 6714 Nuziders, Tanzerweg 8

Damaged Disc

September 1, 1974 For years I had suffered from backache (damaged disc). On June 30, 1974, You visited us and painlessly eased the dislocated disc back into place. After this manipulation, the pain was gone and now, two months later, it still has not recurred. I am very grateful to You and would suggest this painless and benign treatment to any patient. E.N. Friedrichshafen

Damaged Disc (The Budwig Center offer a treatment for this condition)

October 16, 1974 You will probably remember that on November 18th, 1972, I consulted you regarding treatment of my damaged disc. I can now confirm that you have helped me to an almost unbelievable degree. As you know, I am an enthusiastic skier and always had back problems when pursuing this sport. Two years have passed and to this day I have had no recurrences. I should also mention that your treatment healed me almost immediately. I must admit that I was very skeptical of your treatment at first; therefore, I have only written now, two years later, because your treatment has now been proven. It worked! For two years I have not suffered from any back pains. I would like to thank you for your care and remain, Yours gratefully, Albert Bildstein, Professor High School, Feldkirch, Austria

Stomach Problems

February 20, 1975 My mother, Mrs. Sofie Wachter, Bludenz, became so seriously ill on January 6, 1963, that three medical doctors were consulted. For five whole weeks she brought up everything she ate or drank, which was very little, only tea and rusks. As she brought the food up again it was heavily mixed with blood. The doctors thought that she had cancer, but also that there was a possibility that she had an abscess of the pancreas. My mother’s condition was so had that she could not be moved; therefore, she could not have an X-ray. Thus, they diagnosed the two possibilities merely by her symptoms. In any case, the doctors had completely given up on her, since, according to them, both illnesses would be fatal. As a last resort, I contacted Yo in Bludenz who prescribed a juice of beet roots, carrots and celery root (celeriac). We followed exactly as prescribed by your instructions. After a week we saw a small improvement – at least she wasn’t bringing everything up again. Slowly it stopped completely and we could see even more improvement. Four months later, to the surprise of the medical doctors, she was healed. Every year, without fail, we follow this juice therapy for my mother and after this treatment she always feels healthy, especially her heart. My mother is still alive and now in her 88th year. We would like to thank you once again for everything you have done. K.L., Bludenz, Vorarlberg Note: At 88 years old, Frau Wachter still did her daily housework.

Cancer/Slipped Disc (The Budwig Center offer a treatment for the slipped disc)

October 11, 1979 In the autumn of 1966 1 was diagnosed with cancer, so I tried the Juice/tea fasting Treatment. Condition of health to this day: no recurrence (1979). After the treatment I felt like a new-born baby! Besides that, for years I had a slipped disc so I could barely bend down. After only one treatment from You, this condition was alleviated and I have never suffered from it again. I cannot thank you enough. P.H., Wangen im Allgau

Hardened Mammary Glands

November 19, 1979 Because of hardened mammary glands and a suspicion of cancer, it was suggested in August (of this year) that I undergo a complete mastectomy. At the suggestion of Hans Neuner I tried many poultices and additional extracts and teas. My condition improved slightly until suddenly I felt a large gland under my armpit. Surgery seemed unavoidable. It must have been a miracle that I suddenly came across your hook. I decided at once to try your vegetable juice/tea program even though I was severely underweight (45 to 55kg) [99 to 121 lbs]. Now I have made it through 38 days without needing gruel, and I hope to continue this well during the remaining four days. The lumps have shrunk significantly and the gland in my armpit has receded. I thank God for this miracle! To you my sincere thanks for passing on your knowledge and experience, all that you have discovered and researched during many decades of difficult work. Once again, many thanks, H.G., A 4131 Kuchl/Salzburg


March 6, 1980 I would like to thank you a thousand times for your outstanding abilities. No medical doctor would have been able to heal my lupus. I was 27 years young when I received a written diagnosis from Dr. Kiedermair of Linz which said “incurable”. So, as a last resort, I drove to Mr. Zeileis in Gallspach, who said, “1 can try and restrain the disease but am not able to heal it.” Twelve times I went through his treatment. And now, at 66, a new god appeared who suggested the juice and tea treatment which healed me. I feel like hugging and kissing you. My six-week-long treatment finished in December. I did not write straight away in case there were any side effects, but during the treatment I felt fantastic, and in thankfulness, I am remaining faithful to the juice and continue to drink 1 /4 liter every day. I would recommend to everyone to do the same as myself and thousands of other people. I only hope, that as a reward for your healing method, you will live a long, happy and healthy life. Yours faithfully, R. D., 4020 Linz/D.

Breast Cancer

March 12, 1980 After being diagnosed with cancer of the breast, I started the Juice/Tea Cancer Treatment on October 25, 1977. The result was very good. My state of health now, on December 3, 1980, is still good. Further comments: none. Z.H. A. 3340 Waidhofen a/d. Ybbs

Uterine Cancer

December 28, 1981 Diagnosis: Uterine Cancer Juice/tea fasting program taken: September 14 to October 26, 1981 Result: Good State of Health: Good I have never felt as good as after this treatment. Blood pressure, blood sugar and blood count were all better than they had been in years of taking medication. In January, I will do a second treatment, which I recommend to anyone. During the fast I was so fit that I could do all my work with ease. I am grateful to you from the bottom of my heart, and I hope that you will be able to help many more poor sick people with your Juice/tea program Elfriede Sommer A-8052 Graz-Wetzelsdorf Note: I received written Christmas greetings from Mrs. Elfriede Sommer on December 14, 1985.

Hodgkin’s Disease

February 27, 1977 You will probably remember that at the beginning of January 1977 my husband and I travelled from Lucerne (Switzerland) to consult with you. At that time, I had suffered from Hodgkin’s disease for more than eight years and doctors had finally told me that I would not live beyond the middle of April. By chance I read about your healing successes in our local newspaper. You advised me to take the Juice/Tea Cancer Treatment (juice/tea fasting program), which I started immediately following our visit. I followed the treatment strictly for two weeks, after which I ate normally but continued to take the teas and juice mixture. In the fourth week I went to my doctor fora blood test. My doctor, by the way, was angry with me because I had stopped taking my medication. After looking at the test results, he shook my hand and said he wanted to congratulate me because my blood looked so good that it could not be any better. In three weeks my blood volume had increased by twenty per cent and the blood itself looked so good that he could only advise me to continue the juice treatment. I feel better now than I have felt in years. Even after the treatment I am still drinking a glass of the juice and the sage tea every day. I don’t know how to thank you for saving my life. Could you send me about ten copies of your little book? There is great demand for it. Mrs. Silvia Martina C11-6014 Littau

Hodgkin’s Disease

Continued…….. September 6, 1982 Maybe you will remember that six years ago I came to you with an advanced state of Hodgkin’s disease. I am doing extremely well today and my doctors are still amazed. My family doctor declared last week that I was the only patient he knew who had survived this disease. I am enclosing a more official statement which will please you, I think, because you have spent so many years trying to cure different diseases with natural juices and teas. I hope you are well; after all these years I would like to thank you again from my heart. May you stay happy and healthy and enjoy your great successes for many more years. With best wishes, S.M. (Silvia Martina)

Hodgkin’s Disease

Continued……… (Silvia Martina’s official statment) September 6, 1982 Six years ago doctors confirmed that I was in the advanced stages of lymphatic cancer and that I had only three months to live. I have a family with two daughters, and I was thirty years old at the time. It was about the worst thing that could have happened to me. The medical treatment, the injections, were excruciating; I was reduced to nothing but sickness and suffering, and all that pain was merely serving to prolong a hopeless life for a few more months. At that point I heard about you from people who had already had good results with the juice treatment. My husband and I went to him immediately and you advised me to try the juice treatment, but without taking medications, if possible. I told my doctors that I would stop my medications, to which they replied whether I was aware that this was a matter of life and death. I started the juice and tea treatment at once. After four weeks I went to my doctor for a blood test. After the test I went home laughing and crying. The blood test was better than any other. My blood volume had increased to a level of eighty per cent. I feel healthier now than ever before. All this is now six years past. I still go for a blood test every three months and have been getting the same good results with every one of them. All the doctors tell me that I am living a second life. Ever since taking the treatment, I have been drinking sage tea every day and I will continue drinking it always. You saved my life in his simple and humble way, I would like to express my deep-felt gratitude once again. Silvia Martina


January 20, 1985 About 24 years ago, during gym class at school, I fell down flat and was knocked unconscious for a short time. Because of this fall, I suffered severe headaches and could hardly sleep at night. I had to have a spinal tap at the hospital and the doctor suggested an operation to insert a silver plate in my skull. I refused to undergo this procedure. Then some people whom you had already helped suggested that I contact him. When I saw him, he did an eye diagnosis and recommended his juice treatment. I noticed a positive effect after only a few days. I was able to sleep again and after the treatment, that is, after 42 days, I had regained my full health. Since then, I have had no recurrences. I really admire you and am extremely grateful that he has helped me to regain my health. A.M., Prof. Dr. M.A. Altach, Egethen 6

Damaged Discs

January 20, 1985 Fifteen years ago I suffered from badly damaged discs. In the Kneipp Club of Uitzis You gave a talk about the topic “Disc Problems.” I took a treatment from you and you delivered me from my serious suffering. I remain grateful to this day. I would like to add that I was privileged to be the first person to experience his painless manipulation. H.E. Gotzis

Intestinal Cancer

My fourth case was Sister Leonarda von Zams who suffered from intestinal cancer. She followed my Juice/tea Cancer Treatment and was also healed. At the age of 80, she was still able to continue working as an artist. More and more patients began to come to me and on July 28, 1964, I was asked to go to the Sanitarium Maria vom Sieg in Wigratzbad near Wangen im Allgau. Mr. Josef Radler, the brother of Miss Antonie Radler, the owner of the health clinic, was suffering from cancer of the large and small intestines. He was considered a terminal case. They still wanted to operate on him (colostomy), but with the knowledge that “if he isn’t operated on he will die soon and if he is operated on he will not live much longer, either.” Miss Radler then got an “inspiration from above,” as she called it, that her brother would recover without undergoing an operation if he promised to say the rosary every day of his life with his whole family. However, should he undergo an operation, he would die. She then took her brother out of the hospital, just before the surgery. Nothing happened except that Mr. Radler’s condition became worse day by day and his wife and relatives were becoming desperate. After 10 days, a Mr. A.S. from Bludenz was visiting and Miss Radler told him about her anguish. He told her of a man in Bludenz who had completely healed a 70-year-old woman suffering from terminal cancer of the stomach, a completely hopeless case. “As a last resort, you were called and she fully recovered. ” To this Miss Radler said, “Then maybe he will be able to help my brother as well. Would it be possible to telephone you and ask you to come?” I then spoke to Miss Radler on the telephone and she asked if I could come immediately. I didn’t want to go. But when she told me that her brother had eight children and that the youngest was only two years old, I could not decline. I went the very next day, July 28, 1964, taking my wife along. It was 11:55 a.m. when I examined Mr. J. Radler who was in his office on a stretcher. By examining his eyes, I diagnosed that he was suffering from cancer of the large and small intestines. Miss Radler told me that it was exactly the same diagnosis as the hospital’s. The eight children then began to cry. I told them that if I could not help, I would not say anything in front of the patient. I added that he had a very healthy heart and strong lungs and would be able to easily withstand my juice treatment and would definitely be able to work again (which he was able to) as you can see in his letter of thanks (See Introduction and Testimonial Letters, in Part I.), Mr. Radler was still capable of work in his late seventies. He died 20 years after his recovery, on January 1, 1985. Because of Mr. Radler, many thousands of patients came to visit me with various ailments, especially patients suffering from cancer and leukemia. Most of the ones who suffered from terminal illnesses became healthy again. I repeat – do not be frightened by cancer and leukemia anymore.

From reading these testimonials you no longer need to fear cancer! Fear is your worst enemy.

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