How to Starve Cancer – at Home or at Our Clinic

How to Starve Cancer

Glutamine is the richest amino acid in the human body. Unfortunately, glutamine metabolism is an energy source or “food” for cancer. Therefore “blocking” glutamine metabolism so that it does not feed the cancer is an ingenious way of “starving” cancer, as reported in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences. That is the focus of the […]

A Message to All Cancer Patients

The news of a cancer diagnosis can impact a person so much that many have felt that life will never be the same. To all cancer patients – Please don’t lose hope! People are winning the battle against the disease every day – many by using the Budwig Protocol methodology! This is encouraging news. So […]

To All Our Followers – A Big Thank You!

thank you

From all of us at the Budwig Center, we would like to say a big thank you. You have helped spread the positive message of natural health, and now more people are aware of the many benefits of the Budwig Protocol. For close to two decades, it’s been our goal to help as many people […]

The 8 Steps to Recovery

The 8 Steps to Recovery

Whether you’re suffering from the effects of cancer or other illness, our cancer and wellness programs address eight specific areas that lead to recovery. A whole-body approach to fighting disease and other conditions is essential. It enables us to identify issues that impact the body and mind and help target the illness’s principal factors. The following steps […]

The Budwig Protocol – A Unique Approach to Cancer Treatment

The Budwig Protocol originated with Dr. Johanna Budwig more than 70 years ago and has helped people worldwide tackle every type of cancer head-on. Why does it work so well? Because it targets the root cause of cancer by using a variety of natural herbs, anti-cancer remedies, effective treatments, and cutting edge technology. The Budwig […]

Templeton Wellness Foundation – Interview With Lloyd Jenkins, Ph.D.

Templeton Wellness Foundation Interview

In this fascinating interview hosted by the Templeton Wellness Foundation, Budwig Center’s very own Lloyd Jenkins Ph.D. talks about the treatment, methodology, and the success of the Budwig Protocol. Additionally, Lloyd explains the history behind the protocol, how he became involved, and which modalities he has found to be most effective in late-stage cancer. He […]

Will The Budwig Program Work For My Type of Cancer?

Budwig Program

Is the Budwig Program effective for all types of cancer? The short answer is, yes. The Budwig approach has proven to be very effective since the 1960s and up to today. The reason the Budwig protocol works so well is that it addresses the root causes of cancer. William Fisher, the author of the book […]

I Have A Flaxseed Allergy – Can I Follow the Budwig Protocol Without Flax?

Flaxseed oil and Flaxseeds have tremendous benefits. However, what if you discover you have an allergy to flaxseeds or flaxseed oil? You may be concerned since this is a key ingredient in the Budwig Mix. Is it still possible to follow the Budwig Protocol without flaxseeds? We at the Budwig Center dedicate our time to […]

Practical Support for Cancer Survivors

Every year the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation endeavors to motivate and inspire people to celebrate the tenacity and determination of cancer survivors, their family, friends, and their communities across the globe. The objective is to provide support and to raise awareness of the challenges they face and to remind us all that Life in […]

Depression and Anxiety – How The Budwig Protocol Helps

A common side effect of cancer and its symptoms is depression and some form of anxiety. The Budwig Center helps patients fight these emotional side effects from day 1 of the programs. The Budwig Diet – A Weapon Against Depression A key ingredient to successfully fight against depression and anxiety is the chemical messenger called […]