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Oxygen Therapies – Why Not Approved by Dr. Budwig?

Many alternative natural cancer clinics offer hyperbaric oxygen, ozone, and other forms of oxygen therapies. However, are oxygen therapies advisable for cancer patients? Did Dr. Budwig approve of this type of treatment?

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Oxygen Therapies And Dr. Budwig

Dr. Budwig commented: “By using concentrated oxygen, aerosols, hydrogen peroxide injections and other methods attempting to counter tissue hypoxia or anoxia, numerous attempts are being made to force the blood to take up more oxygen. However, trying to accomplish this via a non-biological route is the wrong way to go. Such approaches (frequently based in financial interests) must lead to setbacks and do more harm than good. Such approaches are wrong, particularly with cancer patients! The important issue to address is the question of why the blood doesn’t take up sufficient oxygen in the first place.

What agent can rectify the dysfunction apparent in the living organism and bloodstream’s oxygen absorption?

Interestingly, flax oil readily accepts oxygen from the air, and its essential fatty acids act as oxygen acceptors in the biological terrain, in the blood and mucosa. They surround the red blood corpuscles which fulfill the decisive function of the oxygen carrier.

When these vital highly unsaturated fatty acids are absent, respiration and fat combustion in animal organisms will be throttled. The anoxia accompanying cancer requires these highly unsaturated fatty acids to be clearly recognized as the oxygen carriers and mediators that they are. When due to civilized diets, hydrogenation of fats, etc. these fatty acids are missing from the blood, the entire bloodstream’s affinity for oxygen will forcibly be paralyzed, which in turn results in systemic anoxia affecting all cells, tissues and of blood Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber formation.” (Excerpted and translated by Healing Cancer Naturally © 2006 from Dr. Budwig’s books Das Fettsyndrom and Der Tod des Tumors)

Werner Henning MD writes in his foreword to the book: “It isn’t increased oxygen input that will remedy hypoxia and anoxia for good. It’s the oxygen acceptor which is decisive in the utilization of oxygen.”

“It isn’t additional oxygen (ozone therapy as so frequently practiced today) that allows anoxia to be remedied but rather the advantageous combination of fat and protein as per the insights shared herein.” (Das Fettsyndrom pp. 76 ff.: From Der Tod des Tumors)

Oxygen Therapies For Cancer Patients?

So what is the point highlighted here? Artificial oxygen is not a good option for cancer patients. Dr. Budwig wrote that forced oxygen could be dangerous for cancer patients unless they heal the cell membrane through a diet like hers using Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese and other natural foods so that the cells would be able to absorb the oxygen.

We could illustrate it this way: Let’s say that for some reason, your airway was obstructed, maybe by a piece of food. You may fill the room you are in with air; however,  that will not help unless the air can reach your lungs. You could open some windows and turn on fans, but the obstruction must be removed first.

The reason that oxygen therapy is not a good idea is as Dr. Budwig continues by saying:

“because the ability of the cells to “breathe” has been impaired. Crisco, corn oil, margarine and other bad fats have done this to the cells. When you stop eating the bad fats and start eating flax oil with cottage cheese, you are giving the cells what they need in order to “breathe” properly.”

In the case of cancer, junk fats inhibit defective cancer cell’s ability to breathe to absorb oxygen. The Budwig Protocol restores the cell’s ability to breathe. That allows the oxygen we take in via respiration to work as intended.

Natural Alternatives

A natural supplement that could be acceptable in the Budwig protocol is Germanium Sesquioxide 132, which can rapidly and effectively transport oxygen to cells, tissues, and organs. This increase of oxygen throughout the body makes Germanium 132 effective also in reducing radiation damage.

Cordyceps can improve energy, increase your oxygen levels and stamina, and support physical performance, and much more.

Himalayan guides, or Sherpas, have relied on Cordyceps for centuries to fight fatigue, boost energy, and build endurance. Sherpas are the native people of the Himalayan Mountains, and they’ve been guiding explorers to the top of Mount Everest and back since the early 20th Century. They have to carry extraordinarily heavy packs of food and equipment for many miles and at high altitudes. In fact, the oxygen concentration at 12,000 feet where the Sherpas live is 40% lower than at sea level. That’s why so many mountain climbers often get light-headed, dizzy, or fatigued. But not the Sherpas because they consume cordyceps, and according to National Geographic, Sherpas carried loads of 80 pounds or more as high as 25,500 feet. Then they slept outside using only rocks for shelter as temperatures plunged below freezing! Not only that, but carry out this incredible feat day after day without fatigue.

Sherpas were on the first expedition to reach the top of Mount Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary. One Sherpa scaled the summit ten times, all without oxygen. Another Sherpa raced up the side of Mount Everest in less than 17 hours, when it takes most hikers four days to do it.

We encourage you to add cordyceps to your daily food plan. One study found that older adults who took cordyceps significantly improved their oxygen absorption, and another study found athletes who took cordyceps every day for six weeks had double the rate of oxygen intake as those in the placebo group. Also, yet another study found that cordyceps increased cellular oxygen absorption by an enormous 40%. Deep breathing exercises are also encouraged to bring natural rich oxygen to the whole body.

The Budwig Approach

At the Budwig Center, we work with a biological dentist that uses ozone to locally treat gums and bones that are infected or affected by harmful pathogens. A localized treatment like this to kill pathogens is different and would be recommended and compatible with the Budwig approach. Ozonated oil or ozone to treat the health of the skin can all be understood as anti-oxidant and kills anaerobic pathogens. So when using ozone, we must remember its purpose.

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Note: This post was originally published in August, 2018 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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